The Tour De France may be months away, but I can bring a bit of French cuisine into our house and make it a fun item for the kids to make. We added in some cottage cheese and jam as our filling cause that;s what we had.  

They really are easy to make.  With the leftover crepes, my wife made a chicken and mushroom crepe for a mid-day snack.   BTW - it's okay if they don't come out great the first time.  My first batch certainly didn't come out like the Crepes at the farmer's markets. 

The crepes presentation is a nod to the Instructables Pi contest!  

next time, we plan to have a lot more fillings to test out!  

what rhe recipe-ingredients????????????
Alton Brown showed how to make them in his show. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alton-brown/crepes-recipe/index.html <br> <br>They can be a little tricky. I have one relative that lost his temper trying to get them right, in what is now known as &quot;The Crepes Incident&quot;. Let's just say that if they tear or are lumpy, don't throw the pan and spatulas, just cover them with sauce. It's only food, not a space shuttle mission. ;-)

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