Crepes for Sunday Morning Breakfast - Kids Project





Introduction: Crepes for Sunday Morning Breakfast - Kids Project

The Tour De France may be months away, but I can bring a bit of French cuisine into our house and make it a fun item for the kids to make. We added in some cottage cheese and jam as our filling cause that;s what we had.  

They really are easy to make.  With the leftover crepes, my wife made a chicken and mushroom crepe for a mid-day snack.   BTW - it's okay if they don't come out great the first time.  My first batch certainly didn't come out like the Crepes at the farmer's markets. 

The crepes presentation is a nod to the Instructables Pi contest!  

next time, we plan to have a lot more fillings to test out!  



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    what rhe recipe-ingredients????????????

    Alton Brown showed how to make them in his show.

    They can be a little tricky. I have one relative that lost his temper trying to get them right, in what is now known as "The Crepes Incident". Let's just say that if they tear or are lumpy, don't throw the pan and spatulas, just cover them with sauce. It's only food, not a space shuttle mission. ;-)