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Introduction: Crescent Pendant

About: Awesome Gear I've designed myself.

This pendant goes to show the benefit of sharing ideas with other members on this site. 

Saehn shared with me some his jewelry work. I really liked a piece he made out of copper and coconut shell. This shape is similar in design.

Mattthegamer463 once suggested to use a drilled out screw head to set a stone. I’d say it works great. He also got me thinking about making butterflies.

Thanks to both you guys and all the folks who throw advice my way.

The pendant measures 1½ ” across and is made out of steel. The stone is a cubic zirconia.



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    I used 2 round head car bolts, drill through one and then soldered them together, i havent had the time to finish it, i will post pictures when i do

    thanks for the inspiraton

    For the tools I have, this turned out to be fairly dangerous to make. That's why there is no explanation. Don't want anyone getting hurt =).

    i figured it out just looking at it ;) ill post pics and process sometime soon for those whos' curiosity proves unbearable

    dangerous to make? wow, now I really want to make it...hahaha, just kidding. it's still very pretty.

    WOW!! This is breathtaking... I love the simplicity of the design! I'd love to see the copper/coconut shell piece that inspired you.

    I'm actually super excited- I showed your instructables to my husband, and now he's into the idea of making me pretties! He picked up an old clamp/anvil-ish thing that belonged to his grandfather on Sunday, and a ball peen hammer on Saturday. We only need a couple of other items to get started, and it's all because of the things you've shown us!

    I can't wait to have some photos to show of finished pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. It's giving my husband and me something fun to work on together!

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    I agree with others that you inspire me to try to replicate UR designs. (I want to finish UR 2 nickels locket, but I have one hammered out, but they keep flying off the anvil! I can't imagine making the bottle-cap) I didn't know you were soliciting the projects we do, but I'll have to take some pics. I LOVE your barebones ethic of cheap material, recycling, tools that don't have high prices & the motivational support of "You can do it !" As with others I eagerly await the next project ! Have you considered fleshing out casting? Aluminum cans, old hard drives, lawnmower decks are easy to get for beautiful projects. Somewhere I've seen a fellow that makes whale flukes this way. In Tim McCreigth's "Complete Metalsmith" he details similar methods as yours. I've been tempted to make the centrifugal caster (A wooden box with weights, a spring and a spindle with a homemade crucible) like dentist use called "Straight or Broken Arm Caster". Search for Lindsay Technical Books (Dubdubdub lindsaybks dot com as Instructables won't let me copy/paste weblinks) they have many simple furnaces, also check YouTube for simple brick cupola furnaces, often used by knife-makers. Carry on & best of wishes to that young couple getting married Friday!

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    Thanks a million. I recently took apart a busted automatic transmission. There are all kinds of small parts to work with. Thanks for the info.

    PS. I got a kick out of that paper clip ball. Thanks.

    Make friends w/ a bodger, junkman or thrift store worker to get all kinds of amazing items that "Steam Punk" kids would kill for!

    I know I've done tutorials on various other sites in the past, and I absolutely love knowing that something I wrote helped someone understand something a bit more, or inspired them at all. Seeing someone else take my instructions and run with them to make something (especially if it's better than my own piece!) totally makes my day.

    Making things is fun, but stirring someone's creative juices? Oh yea, I'll take that any day! :D

    Love it! Thank you, I'm honored that you were inspired by my simple piece to produce something so elegant. This and the woven ring pendant are my favorites from you so far, I think. Always looking forward to seeing your work.

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    Thanks. I wanted to post the picure of your piece but not with out your permission. I'm glad you posted it for people to see. I gave what I made to my mother in law. She loves it. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I would love to see the copper and coconut piece you made that inspired this piece!

    Sure, it's a little rougher (intentionally) so not sure if you'll like it. I think he was more inspired by the circular forms.


    Ohhh, my goodness, that is absolutely STUNNING!! I LOVE this!! I don't know which one I like best, honestly! I'm very drawn to organic textures, and this is just so warm and inviting. I want to touch it!

    Do you sell these? Trade them? This is no less of a polished piece to me, it's just different. It may be different materials, but it still is finished with a superior attention to detail. You should be very pleased with this... I know I would be!!

    Is that just a piece of coconut shell you sanded?? I have some coconut shell here, I just never thought to do that!