Crescent Pendant





Introduction: Crescent Pendant

This pendant goes to show the benefit of sharing ideas with other members on this site. 

Saehn shared with me some his jewelry work. I really liked a piece he made out of copper and coconut shell. This shape is similar in design.

Mattthegamer463 once suggested to use a drilled out screw head to set a stone. I’d say it works great. He also got me thinking about making butterflies.

Thanks to both you guys and all the folks who throw advice my way.

The pendant measures 1½ ” across and is made out of steel. The stone is a cubic zirconia.



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    is it hollow?

    I used 2 round head car bolts, drill through one and then soldered them together, i havent had the time to finish it, i will post pictures when i do

    thanks for the inspiraton

    such a tease...not showing how you made it? So not fair. :P

    For the tools I have, this turned out to be fairly dangerous to make. That's why there is no explanation. Don't want anyone getting hurt =).

    i figured it out just looking at it ;) ill post pics and process sometime soon for those whos' curiosity proves unbearable

    dangerous to make? wow, now I really want to make it...hahaha, just kidding. it's still very pretty.

    Hmm.. Got me thinking.. Thanks!

    WOW!! This is breathtaking... I love the simplicity of the design! I'd love to see the copper/coconut shell piece that inspired you.

    I'm actually super excited- I showed your instructables to my husband, and now he's into the idea of making me pretties! He picked up an old clamp/anvil-ish thing that belonged to his grandfather on Sunday, and a ball peen hammer on Saturday. We only need a couple of other items to get started, and it's all because of the things you've shown us!

    I can't wait to have some photos to show of finished pieces! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas. It's giving my husband and me something fun to work on together!

    I'm excited with you! You brought a big smile to my face.