Step 26: From Design to Reality

Picture of From Design to Reality
This "step" indulges my vanity and pride in my work. I made the animation using a series of `xfig` drawings to visualize what I wanted before I had started or even bought anything. The video shows me operating the finished crib.

Update 12 Nov 2008: MAKE has accepted a 500-word article about this project! Look for it in Vol. 17, February 2009.

Update 29 Nov 2008: I received a check from O'Reilly for the article!

Update 12 Dec 2008: MAKE's photo editor is coming on Monday to do a shoot.

Update 25 Feb 2009: MAKE 17 is available online! My article will be on page 37; available on newsstands 10 March.

Update 1 Apr 2009: I've received e-mails from a couple of people who adapted my design to their own needs. That's a really great feeling!