Picture of CNC Routed Cribbage Board
I ran this for my wife's grandmother who taught us to play Cribbage. One of the greatest games ever BTW. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message and I can guide you through the machine set up if you want.

Step 1: The Design

Picture of The Design
front side.png
Back side.png
Back side 2.png
These are the DXF files and pictures of my design. You will notice in the DXF that I actually incorporated 2.5D maching rather than 3d machining for the Back side. For the flowers on the front I used a V-Groove bit to get the desired effect with 3d maching. The Holes are .125" deep and I used downshear bits for the pocketing. The backside also features a slot for the Cover to nest into. You will notice on the DXF that I drew the geometry in such a way as to allow the geometry to guide the path of the tool rather than a long lead in and lead out.


cnc routers2 years ago
HandyLandy (author)  cnc routers2 years ago
it is a 3 axis machine
HandyLandy (author)  cnc routers2 years ago
No it is an andi exx51 with a Fanuc controller
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I love how you made room for the cards in the back of the board! Why aren't they all like this? So much more clever. Great design!