Picture of Cribbage Board Jig For A Drill Press
Cribbage is a great card game (full of weird jargon, like when you get to yell "Muggins his knob!" at your grandpa) with score kept on a classic wooden peg board.  There are some good Instructables for making cribbage boards out of plastic with a laser cutter, out of wood with a CNC router, and out of wood by hand.  For those of us without CNC/laser abilities and lacking super-steady hands for free hand drilling, how to get neatly aligned cribbage board holes?  A cribbage board drill press jig!

I'm working on a hardwood box and cribbage board combo, so I knew I wanted very precise peg holes.  The internets is full of suggestions for jigs to allow you to do precise drilling on a drill press.  The idea is to brace the work piece against a backstop and use stop blocks to gradually move the piece horizontally for drilling each hole.  American Woodworker had a photo of a jig using flip blocks that looked cool, but no Instructions on how to make one.   Sounds like a project!  Read on to learn how to make your own cribbage board drill press jig.

I made this jig in the woodshop at Tech Shop in San Jose.  If you live in the Bay Area or one of Tech Shop's other locations, it's a cool place to check out - lots of tools and interesting classes.  And, if you write an Instructable based on your work there, you win a free class.  Check out their website: http://www.techshop.ws - maybe I should take the CNC class so I don't have to build a jig next time I need a zillion holes drilled :)
action pig2 years ago
Yes indeed, this is a nice instructable! And a beautiful board too.
What a cool idea! This is a great way to get other kinds of hole patterns too!