Introduction: Cribs. Gift for Your Baby

This is a very meaningful gift for your children. I hope it will help promote the life of your love life better and more meaningful for the family

Step 1: Download and Read Drawings

Picture of Download and Read Drawings

You access the address link to download the file designs. Then print from Sheet Sheet 1/19 to 18/19 format paper size is A3. Sheet 19/19 format paper size is A0. Note This file is designed to print with a ratio of 1: 1, used for machining pieces.

Step 2: Assembly Overview

you look at footage simulating assembly to orient the way of processing the details

Step 3: Perform Work

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Prepare the wood of the dimensions in the drawing and processing of such conduct designed size

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Conduct detailed assembly of the product according to the drawings

Step 5: Paint

Picture of Paint

Last step. The product you cleaned after installation and can custom paint colors for your baby. Here are some color options for your products


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Great model.

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