Cricket Storage and Feeding Container





Introduction: Cricket Storage and Feeding Container

Hey everybody! I just got a baby bearded dragon, and I needed a cheap and easy way to store his live food and feed them to him. Thus, I made the feeding/storage container of brilliance

Step 1: Stuff to Have Before Hand

This project doesn't require any special skills, all you need to be able to do is use a drill. As for materials, you will need:
- A plastic cereal container (I got mine at target)
- A drill and a medium sized drill bit (I already had these)

Step 2: Drill Some Breathing Holes

Since most lizards like their crickets live, they need to breath in their container. Which is where the power drill comes in handy. What you wanna do is drill nine holes spread out from eachother on either side on the container near the top of it, and 4 or 5 on the top of the container. (Not the lid!!!!!)

Step 3: Almost There...

Next just add sheds of egg carton inside before the crickets go in, if they don't have a climbing surface they'll trample eachother and die before your pet gets to eat them!

Step 4: Dispensing

To dispense your crickets just open the top, (They can't jump too high if they're small) and use a piece of paper or something to block the direction they would jump if they had the chance, so they are guaranteed to fall into the cage. Thanks!



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    I really want to get a lizard, but worry about the feeding process, especially with live bugs. How long do the crickets live for in the container? And do they smell?

    Large quantities of adult crickets (100+) can start to smell. We tried breeding (unsuccesfully) for a while, and that tub had to go in the basement. Smaller quantities don't have a noticeable odor. We buy crickets in smaller quantities now, and can store them in living areas without a problem.

    If you feed the crickets fruit or greens, small ones could last up to 4/5 days. From my experience they don't really chirp and the smell shouldn't leave the container :)