Picture of Crimson Powder a black powder substitute
Crimson powder is a pyrotechnic powder that can be used as a substitute for black powder that can be easily made from items you can buy at local stores.
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Step 1: Obtain Materials

Picture of Obtain Materials
1.potassium nitrate:I got mine from spectricide stump remover that I found at Home Depot. 2.vitamin c tablets/caplets: can be purchased at any pharmacy 3.iron oxide: can be made or bought from paint suppliers. A cheap place to buy is baileypottery.com 4. An old skillet 5. A scale(accurate to a gram or less)

Step 2: Dissolving Vitamin C and Straining Out Cellulose Fibre

For this step, to will need to get 11 crushed up 500mg tablet/caplets of vitamin c and dissolve them in 30 millileters of boiling water. After the vitamin c is dissolved, you need to filter it through a double layer of paper towel or coffee filter to get rid of the cellulose fibre. If you use paper towel, be sure to squeeze out all the fluid afterwards, because it has a tendency to absorb a lot of the vitamin c. Once you have filtered all the cellulose fibre out, store your vitamin c water in a small glass cup. You'll need this for later.

Step 3: Measuring Out Ingredients

Picture of Measuring Out Ingredients
Measure out potassium nitrate(stump remover) and iron oxide. Here are the amounts: 6.2grams potassium nitrate, .5 grams iron oxide.

Step 4: Time For Cooking.

Picture of Time For Cooking.
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Pour the vitamin c water onto your skillet or wherever you are going to cook your crimson powder mix. Dump your iron oxide and pottasium nitrate into the water. Heat the pan to 300 degrees and stir constantly. When about the consistency of oatmeal, scrape off the pan and put your mixture into an aluminum cooking sheet covered with aluminum foil.

Step 5: Drying Your Mixture

Picture of Drying Your Mixture
Preheat your oven to 150 degrees and put your mixture in the oven for about an hour.

Step 6: Crushing Your Mixture Into A Powder

Picture of Crushing Your Mixture Into A Powder
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For this step, you can either screen your dried mixture or just crush it up with mortar and pestle.

Step 7: Done!!!

Picture of Done!!!
You have just made your own crimson powder! Make sure you store it in an airtight container, because it is somewhat hydroscopic. Just don't use a glass or metal container.
bpetno (author) 1 year ago
If this stuff were to go off in a glass container, the flying shards of glass would be Wayyy more dangerous than the blast itself. Don't use metal, because it contains an explosion very well and it would be better for the crimson powder to go poof than to go boom if it were to go off. So just safety precautions. I would recommend a little plastic container for storage

Sorry, but you are wrong, plastic bags equal static charge, you would not get a static charge through glass. I personally keep materials like these in brown paper and stored in cardboard boxes.

pete.buckston4 months ago

just a quick tip that will save a LOT of time.....if you are wanting to make this don't buy vitamin C tablets, buy it as pure powdered vitamin C (pure ascorbic acid). It's available at all health food shops or online. I got mine from a Holland and Barret health food shop. Hope this is useful :-)

fancypants2310 months ago

Great build! Just a happy suggestion, a well cleaned and washed prescription, or over the counter Pill Bottle makes a great container for these types of powders. :)

Air tight, water proof, and FREE!

kretzlord1 year ago
nice 'ible. The simplicity is pretty awesome
rimar20001 year ago
Interesting, but why "Just don't use a glass or metal container."?