How to fold a crisp packet into a square

Step 1: Flatten Crisp Packet

flatten your crisp packet crisp packet
that is exactly how people folded notes in fifth grade! (wow seeing those brings back memories) Some people still fold their notes like that.... mainly preps though
Cool stuff. Been making these for year since a guy at Uni showed me how over a pint or two. One thing though, we used to tuck the square in on itself to make a triangular shape. was more robust when we threw them at each other!
Make 1000 and then sew them together to make a welcome mat...or a purse...or a toothbrush holder... actually we used to fold paper like this and play a little game with it while waiting for the teacher to wake up.
just worked it out 1024 creates a 32x32 grid and i have 5 at the moment hmm gonna take a while
cool i might try it

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