Criss Cross Nails


Introduction: Criss Cross Nails

Super cute nails!

Step 1: Things You Will Need,

Ziploc Bag

Base Coat nail polish

Top Coat


Nail Polish Remover



Step 2: Put a Little Nail Polish on the Baggy. Start Spreading Out With Your Toothpick.

Make sure you don't rip the bag.

Step 3: Add a Top Coat to the Polish and Leave to Dry Over Night.

Step 4: Cut the Polish to Fit Your Nail.

Almost done....

Step 5: Use a Q-tip to Remove Excess Polish. You Are All Done!



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    This is what I am concerned about. She blurred the image here is the proof

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    Both versions were posted on exactly the same date. To my mind, that means they are by the same person.

    If they were posted by the same person why would they blur out the watermark? I would want to promote my site, but even if they didn't want the watermark here, they should have the original picture sans watermark and wouldn't have to smudge it away.

    Agreed . Infact she said she is will post her version. If it were same people they would had said that its my blog

    You blurred the images. These are still not ur pictures

    Love the stylew

    You took this from Instagram....

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    It would be better if you used original photos. I can tell by the website.