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If you're familiar with the cobra weave, then this should be a fairly easy bracelet for you to make.


Strand one (blue cord)- this will be used for making the 'x's and the knot. You will need three times the size of your wrist, plus enough to easily tie a knot. I usually add about 8 inches for the knot I'm making. I used 56½ inches for strand one.

Strand two (red cord)- this strand will be used for the cobra weave. Double your wrist size and add roughly 6-7 ft (or, for those of you who make cobra weave bracelets, about half a foot more than what you would normally use. I used 7ft 7in for strand two.
**Keep in mind that its better to have too much string than too little because its easier to cut off excess than to add string.**


Needle-nosed pliers

Ruler/tape measure


Step 1: Step 1

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Fold strand two in half, and then from the folded end, measure half an inch longer than how big you want your bracelet to be. Taping where this fold is isn't necessary, but can make it easier to make sure the length stays the same. Fold strand one in half as well.
maxchu7651 year ago

This looks really cool. What kind of paracord did you use?

hms1997 (author)  maxchu7651 year ago
Thank you :) I just used the regular 550 paracord.
That's cool! Very nice directions :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!