Picture of Critter Resistant Indoor Trash Can
The Problem:
We have beautiful, intelligent, destructive dog. One of his favorite things to do while we are off at work is to get into the trashcan. We need a trashcan that he can't into that doesn't cost an arm an a leg (those fancy step trashcans cost $75 or more).

The Solution:
Get an affordable trashcan with a button operated lid and attach the lid so the dog can't get into the trash. 

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
Over all this project costs less than $25.

Trashcan with push button lid
2 Tiny bungee chords
2 Small plastic adhesive hooks

A small drill of some sort
Ruler (optional)
Rubbing Alcohol (optional)
witchway9153 years ago
This is awesome thanks! We have this issue with our 3 doggies...I was going to look into a locking can/tote or something...

I happened across this. I used 3 bungees (1 on all sides but the front) just to be safe.
I must have 3 genius dogs because they still get into the garbage and take all 3 bungees off to get in it :( oh well...was well worth the shot.
CYNICALifornia (author)  witchway9153 years ago
Well that's disappointing! At least you can be proud of your problem solving pooches.