Crochainmaille Satchel





Introduction: Crochainmaille Satchel

In this instructable ..hopefully will show you how to make a Crochainmaille bag with strap.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Couple of pliers for the chainmaille

1 crochet hook 4.25 mm

Scissors for cutting yarn.

Yarn..I used #4 acrylic in varying colors

3/8 inch jump rings

buttons (optional)

Step 2: Making the Chainmaille

Start off making a Euro four in one weave with the jumprings..I made mine in strips as shown here this technique works well for me.I made six strips at twenty rings long.

Step 3: Crochet the Chainmaille

Using the crochet hook begin single stitch crocheting the chainmaille add other colors if desired.Make two swatches one for each side of the bag.Leaving the ends" un-yarned" for easier attachement.

Step 4: "Stitching"

Using the jumprings stitch the two halves together making the pouch..Then start creating the strap with the jumprings ..One strip wide and crochet that as well

Step 5: Attach the Strap

Using the jumprings attach the strap as well ...then you're done..It's a slash resistant,stylish,semi-faraday cage'll could give some attacker a good thwack or hey there designers just in time for fashion week you can torture your models with this heavy accessory..Crochainmaille Satchel..



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    This is amazing! There is so much patience in doing any chain mail item and then crocheting in it? Whoa. Impressive. Great work!

    Thank you..and yes it took about 12 man hours to complete.. I'm also working on how to combine knitting/chainmaille..and finding a catchy title for it.