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Crochainmaille is a combination of crochet and chainmaille.

Can be used for either decorative or thermal applications.

This instructable shows a simple euro 4 in 1 chain / single stitch crochet.

Step 1: Stuff needed

Picture of Stuff needed

3/8 inch jump rings


5 mm crochet hook



This looks perfect for tough guys who want to share their softer side....or for softies who need a little armor to help them feel a little more secure. I like how it gives you the opportunity to weave patterns and color into chain mail....cool stuff!!!

durango421 (author)  craftclarity1 year ago

Thanks..it also comes in handy for those who clip instead of saw and not completely close their jump rings...and still wanna wear 'em.

durango421 (author) 1 year ago

A lil more complex one..


This is awesome! I love the armor-gurumi! Clever :)

durango421 (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thanks :)