Crochet A Cute Bracelet For Kids

Picture of Crochet A Cute Bracelet For Kids
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Step 1: You Need...

Picture of You Need...
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-Crochet hook
-scissors or string cutter

Step 2: Start

Picture of Start
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Make a slip knot and put your string on your hook. Crochet enough loops to fit around your wrist or ankle. (I'm making a bracelet.) Keep it loose enough to get it on and off.

Step 3: Row 2

Picture of Row 2
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If you like it how it is now you can knot it. Or just keep going. Okay what you want to do is turn the hook around and crochet like your going to make a wash cloth.

Step 4: End

Picture of End
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Take the other end and put that on the hook and make a chain. Cut the end and your done. Please like, follow, and comment for more instructables. Bye!

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