Introduction: Crochet BB8 Pattern

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This is a fun crochet pattern for the BB8 droid from Star Wars, the Force Awakens.

Abbreviations used:

St / sts: Stitch / Stitches

Ch: Chain

Sc: Single crochet

Sl st: Slip Stitch

Step 1: Materials

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What you'll need:

4.25 mm hook

White, grey, black, and orange medium weight yarn

Yarn needle


Polyfill or cotton balls

Stitch marker

Step 2: Main Body

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First you're going to crochet a basic ball for the body with white. Here's the pattern, or you can use your own:

Make a magic ring and sc six times inside. Sl st to beginning and ch 1.

  1. Two sc in each st around.
  2. *One sc in next st, two sc in next* around.
  3. *Sc in next two sts, two sc in next* around.
  4. *Sc in next three sts, two sc in next* around.
  5. *Sc in next four sts, two sc in next* around.
  6. Sc around for five rows.
  7. *Sc in next five sts, skip one st, sc in next (decrease)* around.
  8. *Sc in next four sts, decrease in next* around.
  9. *Sc in next three sts, decrease in next* around.
  10. *Sc in next two sts, decrease in next* around.
  11. Stuff firmly with polyfill or cotton balls.
  12. *Sc in next st, decrease in next* around.
  13. Decrease around and fasten off.

Step 3: Finishing the Body

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With orange and grey yarn, use a yarn needle to sew the designs on the robot's body.

Step 4: Head

Picture of Head

With grey,

Make a magic ring and sc 9 inside. Sl st to join.

Ch 1, increase (two sc in each st) in each st across. Sl st to join.

Ch 1, *sc in next stitch, increase in next*, across. Sl st to join. Ch 1, *sc in next two stitches, increase in next*, around. Sc in each st across in back loops. Fasten off grey.

Attach white. sc around and join with sl st. Attach orange and sc around, joining with sl st. Attach white again. *ch 1, decrease, *sc in next three sts, decrease in next*, around. Join with sl st.

Ch 1, sc in next st, decrease in next, around. Stuff firmly and decrease around. Fasten off.

Step 5: Finishing

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With black yarn and a smaller hook, make a magic ring and sc eight times inside. Sl st to beginning and sew the circle onto the robot's head. With a sewing needle, sew the black bead next to the larger black circle. Sew the head onto the body. Your BB8 is complete!


ultimatecraftfan (author)2016-01-31

very cool! Thank you!

The Phantom Chemist made it! (author)2016-04-18

I made two a while ago, both pictured!

In step 4, the pattern got the colors(and maybe some stitch numbers, I can't remember) mixed up, but I just followed the pictures. I made some mistakes as well in crocheting them, but they still made two little girls very happy. Thanks so much for this! You deserved to win the contest.

That looks great! I'm glad you liked my Instructable, and I'm sorry if there's any mistakes in it.

BradBuilds (author)2016-03-24

Great job!

Also check out my instructable on a BB-8 easter egg here:

Yonatan24 (author)2016-01-31

Hi, I've added your project to the "Homemade Star Wars BB-8's!" Collection

This is the link If you are interested:

Yonatan24 (author)2016-01-30

That is so cute!

You have my vote

indywave (author)2016-01-14

What stuffing is that? It looks so fluffy!

Just cotton balls. It works just as well!

The Phantom Chemist (author)2016-01-11

Taking a picture of the supplies from above rather than the side is a good idea (you can see the things more clearly). I'll have to remember that. Thanks for the pattern!

I'm glad you liked it!

aoatway (author)2016-01-10

Love your project!!! I was just wondering what was your finished was. I might have to make this for my boys. Thank you.

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