This is a basic crochet pattern for Crochet Baby Owls. Perfect for cute gifts or decorations. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials

Materials You'll Need

White felt

two small black beads

yellow embroidery floss

black embroidery floss

yarn needle

sewing needle

3.25 mm hook



stitch marker

hot glue

and of course a bit of yarn.

Step 2: Make a Magic Ring With a Base of Six Single Crochets.

Step 3: Mark Your Stitch, Then Crochet 2 Single Crochets in Each Stitch Around.

Step 4: *2 Single Crochets in Next Stitch, 1 Single Crochet in Next* Around.

Step 5: *2 Single Crochets in Next Stitch, 2 Single Crochets in Next Two Stitches* Around.

Step 6: *2 Single Crochets in Next Stitch, 3 Single Crochets in Next 3 Stitches* Around.

Step 7: *skip 1 Stitch, Single Crochet in Next; Single Crochet in Next Three Stitches* Around.

Step 8: Single Crochet Around.

Step 9: Single Crochet Around.

Step 10: Single Crochet Around.

Step 11: *skip 1 Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Two Stitches* Around.

Step 12: *skip 1 Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Stitch* Around.

Step 13: Fasten Off and Leave an 8'' Tail to Sew With Later.

Step 14: Hot Glue on White Felt Circles.

Step 15: Sew on Black Beads As Eyes.

Step 16: Stitch on Beak With Yellow Embroidery Thread.

Step 17: Stuff With Fluff and Then Using 8" Tail of Yarn, Sew Up Opening and Weave in Ends.

<p>I almost died when I saw these! <em>Soooooo</em> cute!</p>
<p>I'm glad you like it! Keep in mind, they're very easy to make! You should try it. :)</p>
Love it sooo cute
<p>These are so cute!</p>
<p>how do you have time to comment on almost every instructable i see </p>
<p>I am one of the Community Managers here at Instructables. Reviewing content is part of my job. And when I see a cool project, I like to leave an encouraging comment.</p>
<p>I love my little owl! Thanks!</p>
<p>Your very welcome.</p>
<p>So adorable!</p><p>But your instructions get a little confusing at step four... Does that mean to increase all the way around or increase then single crochet two and repeat?</p>
Increase in first stitch, one single crochet in next stitch, repeat that around.<br>Sorry if it was confusing!
<p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Those look absolutely fantastic! </p>
So cute! ⊙&omega;⊙ <br>Now I need to learn how to crochet! <br>LOL
Awwww! Such adorable li'l critters. Now, where did I put that crochet hook &amp; yarn? .....
<p>Awww, they are so cute.</p>
Aww!! These are absolutely adorable

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