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Introduction: Crochet Baby Owls

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This is a basic crochet pattern for Crochet Baby Owls. Perfect for cute gifts or decorations. Enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials

Materials You'll Need

White felt

two small black beads

yellow embroidery floss

black embroidery floss

yarn needle

sewing needle

3.25 mm hook



stitch marker

hot glue

and of course a bit of yarn.

Step 2: Make a Magic Ring With a Base of Six Single Crochets.

Step 3: Mark Your Stitch, Then Crochet 2 Single Crochets in Each Stitch Around.

Step 4: *2 Single Crochets in Next Stitch, 1 Single Crochet in Next* Around.

Step 5: *2 Single Crochets in Next Stitch, 2 Single Crochets in Next Two Stitches* Around.

Step 6: *2 Single Crochets in Next Stitch, 3 Single Crochets in Next 3 Stitches* Around.

Step 7: *skip 1 Stitch, Single Crochet in Next; Single Crochet in Next Three Stitches* Around.

Step 8: Single Crochet Around.

Step 9: Single Crochet Around.

Step 10: Single Crochet Around.

Step 11: *skip 1 Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Two Stitches* Around.

Step 12: *skip 1 Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Stitch, Single Crochet in Next Stitch* Around.

Step 13: Fasten Off and Leave an 8'' Tail to Sew With Later.

Step 14: Hot Glue on White Felt Circles.

Step 15: Sew on Black Beads As Eyes.

Step 16: Stitch on Beak With Yellow Embroidery Thread.

Step 17: Stuff With Fluff and Then Using 8" Tail of Yarn, Sew Up Opening and Weave in Ends.



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    I almost died when I saw these! Soooooo cute!

    I'm glad you like it! Keep in mind, they're very easy to make! You should try it. :)

    how do you have time to comment on almost every instructable i see

    I am one of the Community Managers here at Instructables. Reviewing content is part of my job. And when I see a cool project, I like to leave an encouraging comment.

    So adorable!

    But your instructions get a little confusing at step four... Does that mean to increase all the way around or increase then single crochet two and repeat?

    Increase in first stitch, one single crochet in next stitch, repeat that around.
    Sorry if it was confusing!