These bracelets require the materials listed in the next step, a bit of crochet know-how, and patience!
I can finish a bracelet over a weekend, but assuming you're busier than I am, it may take more like a week or two. If the instructions could use some tweaking for more clarity, please feel free to tell me so!

Step 1: Materials Needed

 As well as the materials in the list below, you will need to know how to crochet three stitches: slip stitch (sl), chain stitch (ch), and single crochet stitch (sc). Check out www.instructables.com/id/Beginning-crochet/ and www.instructables.com/id/How-to-crochet-a-ball-or-a-hackey-sack/step3/Join-with-a-slip-stitch-to-form-a-ring/ if you don't know how to do these three stitches. :-)


- Thread
- Small crochet hook (I used size 10)
- Two sizes of beads
     - "big" I used size 8/0
     - "small" I used size 12/0
- Scissors
- A piece of wire bent in half
- Needle (Not in the picture)

<p>remaining explaination is excellent. Have always wanted to crochet with beads. Even tried to teach myself. ONCE! Thank you!. I will never need to do that again.</p>
<p>have only read thru step three but wow fantastic X 'plaining of what could be an over wordy very confusin step</p>
<p>about how long does it take you to make one</p>
Thanks for this 'ible. Been wanting to learn this technique. Saw a necklace recently with this technique with&nbsp; irregular amethyst beads -the possibilities are endless.
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Oh, dear! What's the matter? :(
She has an excessively-phlegmy chest infection.&nbsp; The antibiotics have started kicking in now, but she slept until 2pm yesterday.<br /> <br /> <small>She has downloaded the PDF.</small><br />
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Well that does it.&nbsp; From now on, all my projects will have beaded, crocheted straps.&nbsp; Thank you!<br />
Wow, these look great!<br />
<p>I have all this stuff at home!&nbsp; I will totally make a few today.&nbsp; I bet they look great around ponytails too.&nbsp; I used to make necklaces with the same materials and only slip stitches,&nbsp;I might post a companion 'ible.</p>
Cool! &nbsp;I've seen some people with these, and I've always wanted to know how to make them!

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