Step 4: Adding Beads

Taking a quick break to introduce how we will add beads:

Hopefully I don't make this too complicated, because it is rather simple. Basically you're pulling a loop through your bead that you will use as the first loop of a sc stitch. Take your piece of wire and put it on the thread. Thread a bead onto the wire and pull the wire through, leaving a substantial loop. Put your hook through the loop, and pull the loop tight. Draw a loop through the next sc, and then pull it through the two loops on your hook. Refer to the pictures for more clarity. This is the way you will add every bead.
<p>remaining explaination is excellent. Have always wanted to crochet with beads. Even tried to teach myself. ONCE! Thank you!. I will never need to do that again.</p>
<p>have only read thru step three but wow fantastic X 'plaining of what could be an over wordy very confusin step</p>
<p>about how long does it take you to make one</p>
Thanks for this 'ible. Been wanting to learn this technique. Saw a necklace recently with this technique with&nbsp; irregular amethyst beads -the possibilities are endless.
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Well that does it.&nbsp; From now on, all my projects will have beaded, crocheted straps.&nbsp; Thank you!<br />
Wow, these look great!<br />
<p>I have all this stuff at home!&nbsp; I will totally make a few today.&nbsp; I bet they look great around ponytails too.&nbsp; I used to make necklaces with the same materials and only slip stitches,&nbsp;I might post a companion 'ible.</p>
Cool! &nbsp;I've seen some people with these, and I've always wanted to know how to make them!

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