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The easiest way to protect your bike from scratches.


Acrylic yarn balls (3 different colours were used in the DIY)

Crochet hook (size required by the yarn)

Wool needle


For the frame:

You need to crochet 4 different grannies squares. You can look for different designs on Pinterest (and Ravelry as well). Once you have finished your grannies, you need to sew directly on the frame (and they will fit perfect on it).

For Skirt Guard:

I have purchased this pattern. In case you have a very good skills on crochet, you can try to crochet your own skirt guard, but this pattern was very easy to follow.


lomina (author)2015-12-21


BLASTFEMI (author)2015-04-22

I love it!

Łukasz (author)2015-04-22

I was hoping learn how to crotchet :/ lovely bike though :)

showbiz (author)Łukasz2015-04-22

It is very easy. You can find a lot of Youtube tutorials :)

tinaciousz (author)showbiz2015-04-22

Hey there! This is a cool design, but if you want to win the contest, you have to show your steps and explain how you did it. Maybe you can do a quick demo of a granny square or draw some step by step images. Welcome to Instructables!

showbiz (author)tinaciousz2015-04-22

I am from Spain so I am not eligible for the contest :(

Thanks for the tip ;)

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