Crochet Bow Headband


Introduction: Crochet Bow Headband

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Little tutorial how to change simple headband into super cute one with bow.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You need:

  1. headband
  2. acrylic yarn
  3. scissors
  4. crochet hook
  5. needle

I think yarns in contrasting colors look the best in this project but you may think different so it's all about you and your choice :-)

Step 2: Bow

Make bow using contrasting yarn.

Hide any excess thread under it.

Step 3: Ready Headband

Here you can see how ready headband looks like.



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    I have seen a few of your projects. And in every one of them, you seem to cover over your face. Why? You look like an attractive young lady and if you posed with your projects, I think it would make them come off better to others. JMHO

    3 replies

    simply , I'm shy, my projects must defend themselves alone ;-)


    I clicked on this instructible after looking at the Tiffany lamp (saw the thumb nail).

    I think the hand in front was a genius move. Every picture tells a story. The hand in front hides a part of that story creating a mystery. This adds a lot of depth to the picture by causing one to look a little deeper than a cursory glance.

    Great instructibles by the way.

    So Cute my little sister would love this!!!!

    1 reply

    thank you ! I made it for my little cousin and she wear it all the time , that looks so cute :-)