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How to make a crochet bow necklace.  For more details see my blog JustBCrafty.com

Step 1:

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This is so cute! And you can use the little bows to decorate other things, like headbands or hats.

bdickson1 (author)  Rose Winchester1 year ago

Thanks! Yeah, the possibilities are endless! :)

pmahi1 year ago

very cute!

bdickson1 (author)  pmahi1 year ago


Echinda211 year ago

i know this is random but i love how the color changes but it is a cute idea could you add more pictures it is a little hard to fallow

bdickson1 (author)  Echinda211 year ago

Hi, thank you for your comment! Do you already know how to crochet? Which particular part are you having troubles with? Happy to help :)

there wasn't enough pictures steeps 2-5 were a bit confusing. I made you's and mine is very small bout the size of my finger

i do know how to crochet and am looking to learn more about it

tahisiamf1 year ago
Love it.
bdickson1 (author)  tahisiamf1 year ago

Thanks! :)

droberts121 year ago
Really cute idea. It makes me want to try crocheting again.
bdickson1 (author)  droberts121 year ago

Thanks, you should they are fun to make! :)