Crochet Bracelet With Free Pattern





Introduction: Crochet Bracelet With Free Pattern

Crocheting is very relaxing, every time I have some stress during a day I try to relax in the evening and crocheting is perfect for that, especially now when days are so short and evenings so long.

I hope you will like my easy to make crochet bracelet.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Materials needed to bracelet:

  1. scissors
  2. needle
  3. yarns in 3 colors
  4. crochet hook 2.3 mm
  5. flat nose pliers
  6. metal clasp
  7. metal jump rings x 2
  8. ribbon clamps
  9. chain

Step 2: Squares

Make 4 squares according to diagram in photo above.

Step 3: Sewing and Crocheting:

stitch all 4 squares together, use green thread (see first photo),

next crochet single crochets around bracelet (see second photo)

Step 4: Ribbon Clamps

attach gold ribbon clamps to a bracelet

use flat nose pliers :-)

Step 5: Ready Bracelet!

it's beautiful and very comfortable



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    First, isn't every crochet and knit pattern a free pattern on here and second well made (and drawn) instructable

    Those colors are so good together!!