Picture of Crochet Bracelets

So, I was thinking: How can I make nice bracelets that are like, really fast to make? Then I thought of crocheting. I tried it, and it worked. Hope you like them!

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Step 1: Another intro

Picture of Another intro
This instructable contains five bracelets:
- The simple two coloured crochet bracelet
- Two parts, one bracelet
- Getting twisty
- Double or not
- The ultimate crochet bracelet

During the instructable I'll explain how I came up with the next bracelet.

Step 2: What do you need?

Picture of What do you need?
So, what you need is for almost all of the bracelets the same: 

- two colours of yarn
- crocheting needle
- sciccors
- glue

For the ultimate bracelet, you will need:

- eight colours of yarn
- bigger crocheting needle
- sciccors 
- glue

Step 3: The first bracelet

Picture of The first bracelet
This is the fastest and easiest bracelet of these five. It takes just minutes to make one.

Step 4: Beginning

Picture of Beginning
Take two colours of yarn and make sure the begin of both threads is at the same length.

Step 5: Slip knot

Picture of Slip knot
First, you need to make a slip knot. Make a loop. Put it on the following piece of thread. Pull the thread through the loop. Put your crochet needle in the created loop. Pull both ends of the yarn tight

Step 6: Just a chain

Picture of Just a chain
The rest of the bracelet is a chain. For those of you who don't know how to make a chain, look at the pictures.

Step 7: Closing the bracelet

When you have reached the right length for your wrist, join the two ends. 
Then, make the loop bigger and pull the yarn through. 
Now you can cut off the yarn, but make sure to leave a tail long enough to knot.

Make two knots: First one on the inside of the bracelet, then one on the outside of the bracelet.
Put glue on the knot and cut the end off.

That's it! 

Step 8: Two parts, one bracelet

Picture of Two parts, one bracelet
So I finished the first bracelet, but I was still missing something. I knew I could do a different crochet bracelet, so I made this one.
Start the same way as the other bracelet: Take your yarn and make a slip knot.

Step 9: The bracelet

Instead of crocheting with both strands, I started with one of them. You can just leave the other one where it is. With one of the strands, make a chain with a length that matches your wrist. Now make a bigger loop at the end of this strand so it doesn't go loose really easy.
Put your crocheting needle in the first chain again, take your other strand and put this one away. Make a chain with the same length as the other chain.

To join the two strands, take them both on your crocheting needle and pull the yarn through both loops.

The closing is the same for all four of the small bracelets, you can look it up in step 7.

Step 10: Getting twisty

Picture of Getting twisty
Then I thought: Why don't I make the same as shown in last step, but then a bit twistier!

Step 11: Making

Picture of Making
The making of this bracelet is almost the same as last one. There is one difference: Before you join the strands, you twist them around eachother. Pretty simple, huh?

Step 12: Double or not

Picture of Double or not
I thought: I have a single bracelet, a double bracelet and a twisted bracelet. What's next?
Both single as double of course!

Step 13: Go for it!

Picture of Go for it!
The beginning again is the same as the other bracelets. When you have made you slip knot, start with a chain of five using both strands. Then, using one of the strands, chain five. Make the loop bigger and go back to the last 'double' chain. Now chain five using the other strand. Put both strands on the crocheting needle and chain five using both strand again. Keep repeating this until the bracelet has reached the right size for your wrist. To end the bracelet you can use the same teqnique as with the other bracelets.

Step 14: The ultimate bracelet

Picture of The ultimate bracelet
And then it was time to combine everything I learned from these crochet bracelets and make an ultimate bracelet. 

Step 15: The yarn

Picture of The yarn
Take the beginnings of all of the eight different colours of yarn.  

Step 16: Crocheting

Picture of Crocheting
Schermafbeelding 2014-05-24 om 08.57.16.png
For this bracelet I used a 10 mm crocheting needle. 

Make a slip knot. Then, make a chain using all eight strands.

For the ending I used a slightly different teqnique.  First, I removed the first part of the slip knot to give the bracelet a flatter ending. Then, I made the loop bigger and put all the yarn through, one by one of course :)

I didn't make any knots, because that would be a really big knot. I just put glue on the joins of the yarn and cut it a bit shorter, not too short.

Step 17: Well, that's it!

Picture of Well, that's it!
So, that's how and why I made these bracelets. I hope you liked it!!!
tinycatd3 months ago

These are all cool. They seem pretty easy.

lokaa.loky7 months ago

Woooow imade it

emilyvanleemput (author)  lokaa.loky7 months ago

I'm glad you did! I'd love to see a picture :D

BWP1 year ago
Cool, am soooooo going to make some bracelets, thanks for the ideas :)
emilyvanleemput (author)  BWP1 year ago


SuzyMac2 years ago
This one is your masterpiece!! Love, Love, Love It!!!
emilyvanleemput (author)  SuzyMac2 years ago
Thanks again :)
SuzyMac2 years ago
Great Instructable! Crochet has gotten me through a lot & now I owe it some attention! This is a great simple project to start with <3 Thanks for Posting!
emilyvanleemput (author)  SuzyMac2 years ago
Thank you!
apatchwork2 years ago
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EmilyXD2 years ago
I have a tutorial just like this on my blog, but you have some really great ideas, I think I might add a link to your page.
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kevinyau9292 years ago
it is very beautiful which is for girls or boys!
emilyvanleemput (author)  kevinyau9292 years ago
Thank you :)
DTHammie2 years ago
this is so cute and i love the titles that you used for them! Good job!!!
emilyvanleemput (author)  DTHammie2 years ago
Thank you! :)
I love this idea, it is so cute!!!!
emilyvanleemput (author)  AnnaBanana11232 years ago
Thank you!
Super cute bracelets! love the colors you used :)
Thank you!!
xxDROBOTZxx2 years ago
This is also done by Laos Buddhists while chanting blessing to make the bracelet a good luck charm. Awesome job :)
emilyvanleemput (author)  xxDROBOTZxx2 years ago
That's so cool!