So, I was thinking: How can I make nice bracelets that are like, really fast to make? Then I thought of crocheting. I tried it, and it worked. Hope you like them!

Step 1: Another Intro

This instructable contains five bracelets:
- The simple two coloured crochet bracelet
- Two parts, one bracelet
- Getting twisty
- Double or not
- The ultimate crochet bracelet

During the instructable I'll explain how I came up with the next bracelet.
<p>I tried my first bracelet!</p>
<p>Worth a try...lovely.</p>
<p>I'm gonna try these! ;)</p>
<p>Would love to see your results! </p>
<p>These are all cool. They seem pretty easy.</p>
<p>Woooow imade it</p>
<p>I'm glad you did! I'd love to see a picture :D </p>
Cool, am soooooo going to make some bracelets, thanks for the ideas :)
This one is your masterpiece!! Love, Love, Love It!!!
Thanks again :)
Great Instructable! Crochet has gotten me through a lot &amp; now I owe it some attention! This is a great simple project to start with &lt;3 Thanks for Posting!
Thank you!
thanks <br>
I have a tutorial just like this on my blog, but you have some really great ideas, I think I might add a link to your page.
thanks <br>
it is very beautiful which is for girls or boys!
Thank you :)
this is so cute and i love the titles that you used for them! Good job!!!
Thank you! :)
I love this idea, it is so cute!!!!
Thank you!
Super cute bracelets! love the colors you used :)
Thank you!!
This is also done by Laos Buddhists while chanting blessing to make the bracelet a good luck charm. Awesome job :)
That's so cool!

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