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Introduction: Crochet Chain Necklace

From Marc Jacobs to Oscar de la Renta, granny chic is ruling the runway for fall, with sweet crochets and chunky knits paired with luxe metal accents. Maybe that’s why we’ve seen so many cool yarn and chain necklaces around lately! Kollabora tackles this totally on the chain look with a super simple project you can make using any chain and yarn color combo that suits your style.

If you’re not familiar with crochet techniques, check out all the different stitch tutorials in our knitting section. For this project we used Milla Mia yarn, made from 100% extra fine Merino wool. Gorgeous and super-soft, it's perfect for everything from kid’s knits and baby blankets, to grownup cloths and jewelry too—‘cause you gotta baby yourself sometimes!

Step 1: Supplies

To make this project you need yarn (sport weight yarn is good and easy to crochet), a crochet hook (in this one the size was E-4), chunky chain, two jump rings and a large clasp. Measure the chain before you start crocheting.

Step 2: First Row: Crocheting With Chain

On the first row, start single crocheting around the chain. Make a slipknot on the crochet hook, then slip the hook through the first link on your chain; wrap the yarn around your hook and pull it through the chain link. Wrap yarn again and pull it through the two loops on your crochet hook. Make three single crochets in one chain link and move to the next one. Repeat this to the end of the chain.

Step 3: Second Row: Single Crochet

At the beginning of the second row, chain one and start single crocheting into every stitch.

Step 4: Third Row: Double Crochet

At the beginning of the third row, chain two and start double crocheting into every other stitch. Make one chain stitch between every double crochet.
After the third row, finish off and weave in the yarn.

Step 5: Finishing the Necklace

Add jump rings at both ends of the chain and attach the clasp lock to either one. Close the jump ring. The necklace is ready to rock the runway!

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munrabc: I haven't made this yet, but it seems you need to decrease. it says in the 3rd row to dc every other stitch and chain between, maybe don't chain between them? Or maybe when you are doing the 2nd row of singles, skip after every 3, you want it to be pulling up (like a curve). Sometimes it's just trial and error. Hope this helps!

I was very excited to try this project but am running into an issue that I need some help with. My necklace looks nothing like the one on the model as far as "shape". It is very "stiff" and will not curve upwards towards the neckline no matter how much I try to shape it, in other words, its "bending" in the wrong direction. I have taken it apart and made it twice, using different types of yarn. What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions much appreciated! My necklace doesn't look the same as the pattern so I am obviously doing something wrong! Thanks, Connie


Maybe you should make less SC through the chain, like 2 or even 1. I think it is better to have it tighter so you can stretch it (and block it that way), in stead of having too much fabric left.

You can also try decreasing when you notice that you'll get too much fabric.

I haven't tried it, so won't know if this works, but I hope it does! Love the colour of your yarn and it would make such a nice necklace!

it is amazing tutroial, I spent a lot of time to find such of great necklace work, please share also other types

you said measure the long of a chain did you use for the one in pic? Thank you..I love this idea.

man ! the girl is soooo beautiful :/ n d necklace too :P

I never would have thought of this. So clever!

Thanks so much. If you give it a try please upload it on our site!