Crochet Checkmate Afghan





Introduction: Crochet Checkmate Afghan

Made for my mother for Christmas, I used Lion Brand Yarn's pattern: Crochet Checkmate Afghan. Made with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn for an ultra warm blanket, and a size K crochet hook. Made in rows with the color change along each row, so the afghan is all one piece. Made in about three weeks. My mother adores this blanket!



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    I would like to ask you if you could send me the pattern and pics to make this beautiful afghan. Thank you in advance.

    I would definitely say go for it! I thought the pattern was pretty easy. The only thing I believe would be confusing would be the color changes, but I found a great method to hiding loose ends so they would not show through which in the near future I will make an instructable for. So if you'd like to make this blanket, stay tuned!

    At a distance it certainly looks like it's woven with wide strips....very impressive work.

    The colours are really nice, makes me think of licorice allsorts (an English candy)

    mm, i know those! i sell them at the drug store i work out and yes! you're right!

    This looks great - I am really impressed with your hidden color changes!

    I really like the design on this particular afghan. It's an eye catcher with the different colors. I really like it. It looks like a lattice pattern.

    I love this and your colors are so much prettier than the one shown with the pattern. Great job!

    Great job! You do really nice work. I like the pattern and the colors.