Introduction: Crochet Checkmate Afghan

Made for my mother for Christmas, I used Lion Brand Yarn's pattern: Crochet Checkmate Afghan. Made with Red Heart Super Saver Yarn for an ultra warm blanket, and a size K crochet hook. Made in rows with the color change along each row, so the afghan is all one piece. Made in about three weeks. My mother adores this blanket!


EdieAngel made it! (author)2008-05-25

I would like to ask you if you could send me the pattern and pics to make this beautiful afghan. Thank you in advance.

deadalchemist made it! (author)2008-02-21

I would definitely say go for it! I thought the pattern was pretty easy. The only thing I believe would be confusing would be the color changes, but I found a great method to hiding loose ends so they would not show through which in the near future I will make an instructable for. So if you'd like to make this blanket, stay tuned!

bcharmer made it! (author)2008-02-03

At a distance it certainly looks like it's woven with wide strips....very impressive work.

stinkymum made it! (author)2008-01-23

The colours are really nice, makes me think of licorice allsorts (an English candy)

deadalchemist made it! (author)deadalchemist2008-01-23

mm, i know those! i sell them at the drug store i work out and yes! you're right!

Zontee at Lion Brand made it! (author)2008-01-23

Very nice! Good job with the pattern!

cpackard made it! (author)2008-01-21

This looks great - I am really impressed with your hidden color changes!

babakers5 made it! (author)2008-01-07

I really like the design on this particular afghan. It's an eye catcher with the different colors. I really like it. It looks like a lattice pattern.

sdeepthinker made it! (author)2008-01-07

I love this and your colors are so much prettier than the one shown with the pattern. Great job!

robingale made it! (author)2008-01-06

Great job! You do really nice work. I like the pattern and the colors.

GorillazMiko made it! (author)2008-01-06

Wow, that looks great on your couch! Also, dang, this is like the 10th Slideshow I commented today, there sure are a lot! Nice job!

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