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I am not crazy about wire hangers, unless they’re covered with yarn.  I really like yarn covered wire hangers because they are really strong and the yarn prevents clothing from slipping off the hanger,  Recently I was told about crocheting the yarn onto the hangers.  Brilliant idea, because my Hubby keeps bringing the wire hangers, that his work clothes come on, home.  I am getting a collection. So this is how to create quick and easy yarn covered hangers.

Step 1:

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Wire hangers (at least one, if you want to make them strong enough to hold up a heavy coat, crochet 2 or 3 of them together)
Scrape yarn (4 play worsted, your choice, if you want to use thinner yarn, double it)
4.5 mm crochet hook
Masking tape

Step 2:

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If you are doing more than one hanger together, use the masking tape to take the hangers together in 3 or 4 different places.  Otherwise the steps are the same for both types of hangers.

Step 3:

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Put the end of the yarn onto the end of the yarn. 

Step 4:

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Wrap the tape around the tip of the hook of the hanger. 

Step 5:

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Hold the yarn at the back of the hanger.  Take the hook of the crochet hoop and down and behind the wire of the hanger and pick up the first loop of yarn.  Then pick up the second loop from the top of the wire.  Pull the second loop through the first loop.  Pull tight and repeat

Step 6:

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Pull another loop from the back/bottom of the hanger to the front.   This gives you two loops.

Step 7:

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Pull a new loop from the top of the hanger and pull it through the two loops.  Basically this is single crochet.

Step 8:

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Keep adding single crochet stitches, around the hook or the hanger. Once you reach the place where the legs of the hanger divide, around the top leg. 

Step 9:

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Keep going. 

Step 10:

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Keep going all the way around the hanger. 

Step 11:

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Pull the yarn through the last loop, cut off a tail and tie a knot. Since I used double yarn I was able to tie a bow. 

Step 12:

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Done! Enjoy!


indywave (author)2016-10-28

Great idea!! And love that crochet hook!!

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