Crochet Crazy Hat / Mohawk





Introduction: Crochet Crazy Hat / Mohawk

Crazy hat
Items you need:
Crochet hook
tapestry needle
card board
yarn of your choice (I used 100% acrylic)
Crochet beanie hat to the size desired. 
Cut cardboard to about 1 inch and about 5 to 6 inches
Wrap piece of cardboard with yarn. The more you wrap it the thicker your poof will be.
Cut a long piece of yarn/tail after you completely wrap the cardboard, about 3 times the length of your cardboard. Tread the yarn end through the needle. Stitch around one side of the yarn on the cardboard, making little bundles.
DO NOT CUT YARN BEFORE ATTACHING TO HAT! You could it’s just a pain to keep it straight as you sew it to the hat.
With remaining yarn sew onto hat.  Cut yarn to create the poof.

Either stitch up the hat to create a Mohawk or around the edge to create what I call a crazy hat.  Enjoy Crazy and fun times!



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    Haha! That is so cool! Is sewing it to the hat difficult?

    Thanks! Not really the cardboard bends so getting the needle in and out is not to hard. I go over it twice sometimes after I cut the yarn and its lays open to make it tighter.