Step 2: Starting With Grey Yarn

So here is my free pattern:

Start with the grey thread and use a stitch marker to keep track of your rounds (we will be working in a spiral). The numbers in brackets are the the number of stitches in each round.

R1: Ch2, 6sc in second ch from hook
R2:  2sc in each Sc (12)
R3: sc in next st, 2sc in next st; repeat (18)
R4: sc in next 2st, 2sc in next st; repeat(24)
R5: sc in every sc(24)
R6: sc in every sc(24)
These are precious!
What a fun project... just add something weighted in with cotton stuffing and you've got a tabletop curling game that everyone can enjoy!
Those are awesome and adorable!!!
Clever. I like that you can use them for a table-top game instead of being merely decorative.
Yes, they are fun to play with, though they don't quite have the same movement as real curling rocks.
These are too hilarious and cute all balled into one! Love it!
What a great idea! I have never seen hat in amigurumi form.

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