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Hello and welcome to my instructable !
Today's project is a crochet doily and is also great to make a small floor rug.

Great for little girls and even grown up ones :) Use thread for a doily or use thicker yarn or even 2 strands at once for a floor rug

If you prefer a written version you can find it here on Red Hearts website


Jigglebewie made it! (author)2016-03-11


bobwilson123 (author)Jigglebewie2016-03-12

WOW I love yours ! Its such a pretty pattern

Jigglebewie (author)bobwilson1232016-03-14

Thank you =] I used DK yarn and 4.5mm hook. It's so lovely, I'm going to make some more in other colours, and will use them as placemats.

rachelc1027 (author)2016-01-29

what is the size with worsted weight yarn

bobwilson123 (author)rachelc10272016-01-30

Hello its a 10 ply yarn

rachelc1027 (author)bobwilson1232016-01-30

i ment the finished size

bobwilson123 (author)rachelc10272016-02-03

Ohh opps sorry , its about 16 inches across :)

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