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Turn an ordinary egg (plastic, wooden or natural) into a pretty keepsake. This cover is sized for an average size plastic or natural chicken egg, and is removable.

This is a very fast and easy project that takes only minutes to create.

Crochet a dozen of these perfect little egg covers and give them out to family and friends for Easter.

Try making these in different colors and stacking some together in a basket.

These lovely looking eggs will make a perfect Easter gift.

Step 1: Materials

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Level: Intermediate


Yarn - Blue

Thread Needle Crochet hook - 4.5 mm

Hard boiled eggs



Step 2:

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Row 1 - Sl st. Chain 10.

Sl st on the first stitch to form a ring.

Step 3:

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Row 2 - Ch 1. Do 14 sc in the ring.

Step 4:

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Row 3 - Ch 10. *Skip 1 stitch. 1 tc. ch 5*. Repeat * to * till the entire row.

Finish with a Sl St into the 4th ch of the first chain.

Step 5:

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Row 4 - Ch 1. Sc into each of the stitch of the previous row.

Do 2 Sc into the Tc stitch of the previous row.

Step 6:

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Row 5 - ch 5. *skip 1 stitch. 1 dc. ch 2*. Repeat * to * for the entire row.

Step 7:

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Row 6 - *Ch 14 (or) Ch 10. Skip 1 stitch. Sc in next stitch* repeat for the entire row.

Step 8:

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Row 7 - Wrap the crochet around egg and do hdc decrease.

How to do hdc decrease?

Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the next stitch. Pull the yarn again through the next stitch. Now there are 3 loops.

Yarn over and pull through all the three loops.

Thus the cover will look like closing up. Do this with the egg inside.

Finish the hdc decrease and secure the yarn.


mile stone (author)2015-04-06

So cute and an amazing gift for Easter!

Passion Make (author)mile stone2015-04-06

Thank you so much :)

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