Crochet Flower Coasters




Introduction: Crochet Flower Coasters

Very easy crochet project. You can use it for decoration or coasters and it will save your furniture!!!!

Beginner project
Time: 20-30 minutes


Ch- Chain
Dc- Double Crochet
Sc- Single crochet

Step 1: Pattern

Here's a pattern I tried to draw so it might be a little bit easier (sorry it's not that good) :(

Step 2: Supplies

~Yarn!! (I used cotton yarn)
~ J/10-6.00mm crochet hook
~ Scissors

Step 3: Row 1

Ch 4 and join into the first ch to form a circle,ch 2, dc 19 in the center there should be 20 total including the ch,

Step 4: Row 2

Ch 2, dc 1, ch1

dc 1, dc 1, ch 1 repeat that set you should have 10 sets

Step 5: Row 3

Note: it will start to curl up on this round. Don't freak out!!!!! the petals will help with the curling in the next round

Ch 2, dc 1, ch 1

Dc 2 in the same hole then ch 1, repeat this set there should be 10 sets

Step 6: Row 4 (petals)

Dc 5 in one hole sc 1 in the next hole, repeat until you have 9 petals, finish off.

Step 7: Done!!!

I hope you liked this instructable and the instructions were easy to read. Have any questions? Just comment, Id love your feedback.

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