Picture of Crochet Flower Wreath!
crocheted crochet flower wreath title.jpg
crocheted wreath from rosettes and chain stitches.jpg
Make a gorgeous crocheted wreath!

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You'll need yarn and a crochet hook!
I used the bon-bon package on the right...all 8 of those mini skeins to make my wreath.
I also used a bright green ball of yarn...just for chain stitching.
For the hook, I used a J.

I'm not the expert at explaining all the fancy crochet terms...
so I'll try my best!

Here's how to make the rosettes!

Step 2: Rosettes--Part 1

Picture of Rosettes--Part 1
crochet a rosette step 2 easy slip knot.jpg
crochet a rosette step 3 chain stitch.jpg
crochet a rosette step 4 back through chain stitch.jpg
crochet a rosette step 5 loop.jpg
crochet a rosette step 6 double crochet 18 around loop.jpg
crochet a rosette step 7 double crocheted loop.jpg
This tutorial is simple.
However, it is assumed that you know the basics of crocheting.
I am as basic as it gets.
There are only 3 stitches involved here...
chain, double crochet and half double crochet.
to begin you need:
yarn and crochet hook (mine is a J)

Begin with a slip knot.
Make sure it doesn't undo with the short piece of yarn.
Chain stitch 4 chains...
Loop back through the first chain stitch to make a center loop.
This makes a donut shape.  You will do in and out of this loop now.
Then looping through the center of your donut, you will double crochet 18 or 21 times.
(18 will make a 6 petal flower, 21 makes a 7 petal...I like the odd number petals..weird right?)
All the way around .
Now look closely at your little yo-yo.
It's got a nice looped edge all around it...
KarlaT4 months ago

Thank you for posting the free wreath pattern! It is fabulous:) I have included it on my blog Karla's Making It (linking to your pattern, of course)! You can view it here http://www.karlasmakingit.com/free-crochet-patterns/free-crochet-wreath-patterns/

nadam11 year ago
love the colors you used! lovely
ckburcham1 year ago
This would make an awesome Christmas gift