In this instructable I will show you how to crochet Gandalf the Grey.   He has a staff that lights up and the bowl of his pipe glows in the dark.  My Gandalf is as was described in the book The Hobbit:

...an old man with a staff. He had a tall pointed blue hat, a long grey cloak, a silver scarf over which a white beard hung down below his waist

This is before he found his sword, Glamdring and his staff is like the one he has in The Hobbit (movie) which looks slightly different from the one he has in LOTR.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Yarn (weigh 4):Embroidery thread:
  • Light grey (scarf)
  • Brown (belt)
  • Light brown (satchel strap)
  • Red (mouth)
  • 1.15mm and 2.25mm crochet hooks
  • Yarn needles
  • 5mm doll eyes and small piece of blue felt
  • Iridescent thread (scarf)
  • small piece of fabric or felt (satchel)
  • Small white stone or bead (staff)
  • 5mm white LED
  • 3V button battery
  • Wire
  • Push switch
  • Straw, tape and brown paint
  • Clay and wire
I used the 2.25mm crochet hook for everything except the belt and satchel strap in step 9 where I used the 1.15mm hook.
Here is the nomenclature that I used for the crochet pattern (these are US stitches see link for conversion to UK):

            Rnd         round
            ch(s)       chain stitch(s)
            sc            single crochet
            fp            front post
            hdc          half double crochet
            bp           back post
            sl st         slip stitch
            st(s)        stitch(s)
            sc2tog    decrease by crocheting 2 stitches together
<p>i was reading over the instructions for the robe and either the picture is tricking the eye or there are more that 2sc skipped in the bottom of the arm holes,</p><p>&quot;Row 4: sc in first 8sc, 10chs, sk next 2sc, 8sc, 10chs, sk next 2sc, 8sc, ch1, turn //Here are the arm holes&quot;</p><p>other than this tricky little spot, the instructions are very well written and the side notes are much appreciated,( /Here are the arm holes, this creates the bend in hat) . i am an intermediate crocheter, and the art of knowing how to create the various contours of certain patterns eludes me, but your notes have helped some in that, for that i thank you.</p><p>i havent tried actually making gandalf as yet, as i am currently working on several projects for family gifts to give while i am home in may, but i really want to try him soon. as well as that dragon next to him that pic. Being unemployed right now i cant order the pattern for the dragon, but will asap, i love dragons, and i am sure my son would love it and gandalf too, </p><p>happy crafting,</p>
only one word for this.... BRILLIANT !!!!!
This is just fantastic. Thank you for the detailed and clear explanation about which stitches you used and how to tie everything together. (And the warning about fitting the clothes - it didn't even occur to me that would be a problem 'til you said something.) I can't wait to try this out!
He is so cute! I need to learn this craft! thanks for sharing! <br>sunshiine
Thanks Sunshiine! I really enjoy crochet and it is easy to learn, you should give it a try.
Squeee! SO cute!
Gheesh, first the balrog, and now Smaug(is he a variation of &quot;dragon eating Icecream?) shall not pass? <br>What does that wizard have against fire breathers anyhow? <br> <br>Awesomeness all around. <br>With that pattern, now I know what to be for holloween! <br>(&quot;Dear, will you please crochet my life-size amigurumi Gandolf costume too, while you're making this? Please?&quot;) <br>
Thanks. <br> <br>A life-size Amigurumi Gandalf costume for Halloween -better get started now!
Super Cute :) I love every detail.
Cool! <br /> <br />Looks like you've got a theme going. Who/what is next?
That is so awesome! I just love the hat and the hair and the beard!
Thanks, I was lucky to find the right yarn for the hair and beard.
<u>Very Cool</u> Wizard and lit staff including the <sub>LED</sub> ( Crystal ) encasement.<br> <br> A

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