Picture of Crochet Grown-Up Booties
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It's getting cold, so some fun slippers are in order.  Plus, if you're like me and have roommates, it's always fun to show off your crocheting skills!  And, who really knows what's on that floor?  

This Instructable is intended to be followable for people that are new to crocheting.  
The pictures should make it fairly easy. 
These are made for sizes 6-8 shoe sizes, but can be adjusted without a lot of trouble.

What You Need:
A 364 yard spool of yarn.  
A 3.75MM crocheting needle.  
Something to cut yarn.

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Step 1: Toesies

** The green lines represent stitches, so green lines that make a "v" shape, mean to use two stitches.

Row 1
I chained 9 stitches.  Depending on the size of your foot, you might want more or less.  Have this chain reach from your pinky toe, to your middle toe.  

Row 2
Now, I used a single stitch.  At each of the ends use three stitches (shown in the picture) and keep going to make a continuous row (a full circle).  

This will make an oval shape. 
It's also how I tend to make the base of purses/bags because of the nice shape.

Row 3
You want to continue to make an oval.  Add two stitches at what would be the corners of the oval (I recommend referring to the picture)

Row 4 - 5
Continue to add stitches on one side (this will be where your big toe will fit), as shown in the picture.  On the other side, just continue a single stitch without adding.  

This will make one side of the work keep increasing, and the other will curl in.  

Row 6+
Your toes should fit now.  You want to add to the work by continuing rows without adding anymore new stitches.  I did this for 9 rows.  Basically, I added until the toe part of the shoe covered a little more than a pair of flats would.  
Passion Make3 months ago

Hi. I have remixed your wonderful version of crochet booties. Do check it out here at the link below.

indywave1 year ago
Ooh! Those look soft and warm!