Crochet Hat/Scarf Venture for the LionBrand Challenge


Introduction: Crochet Hat/Scarf Venture for the LionBrand Challenge

About: I am 59 years old and a federal government employee. I work every day (except weekends) and use my time off to work at crafts as much as I can. I love to crochet and am constantly trying to learn new meth...

I made these hat/scarf sets at Christmas to give as gifts. I was learning how to crochet in the round so I took simple patterns from the Crochet Pattern Central web site at The patterns were the Modern Flapper hats which have a basic crown and then various patterns. The gifts were loved by all and I gave pictures of different ways to wear the hats.

I was new to crochet so I bought yarn as I saw it. I had plenty of LionBrand Jiffy and Homespun,Red Heart worsted weight, and some Bernat yarns to complete this project. The hats were quick. I did most of the scarves in a double crochet stitch which is fast for me.

I'd like to pursue this venture again soon and I hope you enjoy the slideshow.



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    That santa set is so freakin cute

    Hello, I love these hats. I went on the website to try and find the patterns. I'm interested in the patterns for the black Modern Flpper Hat, the brown set and the brim hat. The patterns I found look much different then your hats. I like yours better! If you don't mind sharing your patterns for these three, please email them to me. Thank you.


    Although I am not female and wouldn't wear something like this, it does look quite splendid. How long would you say it took you, from start to finish, to complete it?

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    Agreed totally with you Bran.
    And cronicky, you changed your image! :-O

    Hi! Yes, that was no problem, and I may change it again. I just grabbed something real quick on-line to change it. I wrote Bran back. Can you see the post? Thank you.

    Hi! Thanks! It took me about 3-4 weeks to complete these sets. I started off sort of playing with it and when I got one set done, I made the others. I was trying to learn to work in the round. The hat patterns are basic. Under "hats" at the Crochet Patterns Central web site, they have the Modern Flapper hat. The basic crown for all the hats is the same stitch. Then, you can choose which pattern you want from the various names of the hats, "Evelyn", "Muriel", etc. Each of these has a different pattern stitch. I stuck mostly to the single crochet, double crochet, and the back-loop,front-loop stitches. I ventured out on the cluster craze, but it's not hard. You know, men and women are wearing the basic hats. These days who can tell what's meant for whom? Also, there are other hat patterns for men at Crochet Patterns Central web site. Thank you for your comment.