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One day on I received a message with picture attached from my son and the question, “Could you make this?” Since we are going to spend Christmas with him and his family in Colorado, I have been working on fulfilling this request. Of course I had to make an Instructable of it. If you want to buy one, they sell them here:

Step 1:

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2 skeins Soft 4 ply yarn Color A (main Color, mine is grey)

Part of skein of soft 4 ply yarn color B (secondary color, mine is black)

US size J crochet hook

Yarn needle


Stitch markers

2 – 1 inch buttons


Magic circle – google it

sc-single crochet

dc – double crochet

ch – chain

st – stitch

sl st- slip stitch

dct- double crochet turn:

Step 2:

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Helmet: To make this helmet warm and thick we

will be crocheting with double yarn. Just use two pieces of yarn as if it were one.

Using color A

Row 1 - Make a magic circle and work 6 sc into it, pull tight, use a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of each row, just transfer the marker to the beginning of each row (6st)

Row 2 – 2sc into each stitch (12st)

Row 3 – (1sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (18st)

Row 4 – (2sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (24st)

Row 5 – (3sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (30st)

Row 6 – sc all stitches (30st)

Row 7 – (4sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (36st)

Row 8 – (5sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (42st)

Row 9 – sc all stitches (42st)

Row 10 – (6sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (48st)

Row 11 – (7 sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (54st)

Row 12 – sc all stitches (54st)

Row 13 – (8sc, 2sc into next st) repeat 5 times (total of 6 times) (60st)

If you need this helmet to be a bit smaller stop adding stitches here and start at row 16 and repeat 15 times.

Row 14 – sc all st (60st)

Row 15 – (4 sc, 2sc in next st) repeat 11 times (total of 12 times) (72st)

Rows 16-32 – sc all st (total of 17 rows) (72st

Step 3:

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Row 33 – sc 35 st, sl

st in last st, ch1 turn, (I counted out the 36 stitches an and marked it with a stitch marker.)

Row 34 – sc in 2nd stitch (the ch covers the first (sl st), sc 34 st, sl st next st, ch1, turn

Rows 35-38 – repeat row 34, (you are going to reduce each row by 1 st) This make the neck guard have a sloped edge.

After last sl st, tie off the last stitch and weave in the tails. It is big on me so it should fit my son.

Step 4: The Visor

Picture of The Visor

Instead of doing a ch3 to turn, do a double crochet turn

(dct). Double the length of the loop you will do the turn in. Use your index finger to hold the edge of the loop in place against the crochet hook, then swing the point of the hook down and behind the loop, pick up the thread and pull it around front and then crochet like you do for a double crochet. Don’t put a stitch into the first stitch in that row, because this dct, will fill in that spot. Yes! Doesn’t it look nice?

Step 5:

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Color A

Ch8, join into a circle with a sl st into the 1st ch

Row 1 – sc 12 st into the ring (you have created a button hole for the visor)

Step 6:

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Row 2 – dct, 4 dc in the 1st 4 st, 2dc in 5th st, turn (6st)

Step 7:

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Row 3 – dct, 1dc in next st, (2dc in next st) 2 times, 2dc, turn (8st)

Step 8:

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Row 4 – dct, 2dc, 2dc in next st, 4 dc, ch1 trun (9st)

Step 9:

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Do you like tying knots and then weaving in all the tail in? Me neither. So I did my best to eliminate the knot tying possibilities in this project. Here is how to do it. When you reach the point where you change colors, lay the new color yarn beside the original color yarn. Crochet at least 2 stitches using all 4 pieces of yarn, then simply drop the original color and keep crocheting with the new color. The next time you come to the point where you change colors again. Starting with the last stitch of the row, pick up the dropped color and crochet with it in the last stitch, drop the previous color and continue on with the next color.

Step 10:

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Color B

Rows 5 & 6 – sc 9 st, ch1, turn (9st)

Color A

Row 7 – sc 3, (2sc in next st) 3 times, sc3 ,ch1, turn (12st)

Row 8 – sc12, ch1, turn (12st)

Color B

Rows 9 & 10 – sc across, ch1, turn (12st)

Color A

Row 11 – SC3 , (2sc in next st), sc4, (2sc in next st), sc3, ch1, turn (14st)

Row 12 – sc across, ch , turn

Color B

Rows 13 & 14 – sc across, ch1, turn (14st)

Color A

Row15 – sc7, (2sc in next st), sc7,ch1, turn (15st)

Row 16 – sc across, ch1, turn (15st)

Color B

Rows 17 &18 – sc across, ch1, turn (15st)

Color A

Row 19 – 6sc, (2sc in next st), 1sc, (2sc in next st), 6sc, ch1,turn (17st)

Row 20 – sc across, ch1, turn (17st)

Color B

Rows 21 & 22 – sc across, ch1, turn (17 st)

Color A

Rows23 & 24 – sc across, ch1, turn (this is half way) (17st)

Color B

Rows 25 & 26 – sc across, ch1, turn (17st)

Color A

Row27 – sc across, ch1, turn (17st)

Row 28 –6sc, (sc 2 together ), 1sc, (sc 2 together), 6sc, ch1,turn (15st) (15st)

Color B

Row 29 & 30 – sc across, ch 1 turn (15st)

Color A

Rows 31 – sc across, ch1, turn (15st)

Row 32 – sc7, sc2together, sc6, ch1 turn (14st)

Color B

Row 33 &34 – sc across, ch1, turn (14 st)

Color A

Row 35 – sc across, ch1, turn (14st)

Row36 – sc3 , (sc 2 together), sc4, (sc 2 together), sc3, ch1, turn (12st)

Color B

Row 37 & 38 – sc across, ch1, turn (12st)

Color A

Row 39 –sc across, ch1, turn (12st)

Row 40 –sc3, (sc 2 together) 3 times, sc3, ch1, turn (9st)

Color B

Row 41 & 42 – sc across, ch1 turn (9st)

Color A

Row 43 – DCT, 8 dc, turn (9st)

Roe 44 – dct,3dc,(2dc together) 2 times, 2dc, turn (6st)

Tie off last stitch with a 8 inch long tail.

Step 11:

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Other button hole:

Color A

Ch8, join into a circle with a sl st into the 1st ch, Row 1 – sc 12 st into the ring (you have created the second button hole for the visor), tie off the last stitch. Leave a short tail.

Thread the long tail from the visor into the yarn needle. Whip stitch the second button hole to the end of the visor. Take care to hide the short tail from the button hole within the whip stitches. Tie off and weave the end into the visor and cut off. Look around the visor and cut off any ends that are sticking out. Almost done.

Step 12:

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Now take the buttons and figure out when they need to be to attach the visor to the helmet. Sew the buttons in place. The buttons allow the visor to be moved down to protect the mouth and nose. Button the visor in place and almost done.

Step 13: The Crest

Picture of The Crest

My son insisted on a crest. I could have done without it. But here is how I made one. I determined the center back of the helmet. I crocheted 20 stitches from 5 rows toward the front of the helmet to 15 rows beyond the center point. Row 1 - 20 sc around the back loop ch1 and 20 sc on the front loop,ch1.

Rows 2-4 Repeat Row 1 (3 more times)

Row 5 - slip stitch the two rows together. Tie off and weave in the yarn tail. Done

Step 14:

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My son has let me know that his helmet makes being outside in the cold, a much warmer experience. Enjoy!

Step 15:


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With a litle change

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Love it, thanks for sharing.

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This is so cool!

I love the photo in the last step, it shows all the detail so well. (Using that photo in the intro as the main image might help this grab a few more looks. Just a thought! :)

dsmith193 (author)2014-11-13

I have been crocheting since I was 7yrs old, but I have to ask: What is a magic circle?

craftknowitall (author)dsmith1932014-11-13

I sent you an email with a link to a You tube video. Good luck.

PaleHorseRider (author)2014-11-12

And I was just going to buy one from

You my friend are awesome ^^

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