If you are like me, you are always in need of storage, especially storage for tools and craft supplies. After gawking at the prices for crochet hook rolls at the store, I decided to make my own using everyday items you can find at home.

WARNING: Machine sewing is definitely required for this project. You will most likely be sewing with thick material, so make sure the machine you are using can handle this!

Step 1: Materials

For this instructable, you will need:

*An old pair of pants or shorts with back pockets INTACT
*Matching thread
*A sewing machine
*Crochet hooks (to use as a sewing guide)
*Buttons (if not already supplied on the garment)

A couple inside pockets might be useful as well... I love this! Thanks!
Not a bad idea! I still haven't put a lining inside mine, so there's still a chance for more lovely storage!

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