Picture of Crochet Kusudama
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I had recently found an origami kusudama in my closet that I had made a long time. Origami had once been a favourite hobby of mine, but it seems that lately I have been doing a lot more crochet. So naturally as I was admiring my origami kusudama I contemplated the possibility of replicating it with yarn.

I may be upsetting some origami enthusiasts in calling this a Kusudama since they are usually made from folding paper. However, the Wikipedia entry for kusudamas suggests that they had originally been made from real flowers and herbs and used for incense and potpourri. My yarn kusudama is made of 18 crochet flowers stitched into ball and has a beaded tassel and thread to hang it from. I also included a sachet of dried lavender in the centre of my crochet ball so that it is in keeping with traditional kusudamas.

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Step 2: Crochet

Flowers (make 18)

Row1: ch 8, turn (8sts)
Row2: 3dc in 3rd ch from hook, 3dc in each ch (18sts)
Fasten off. Weave in ends.

I made six with blue yarn and twelve with the variegated yarn. Though the variegated yarn gave mostly solid coloured flowers.

paleogirl4 months ago

That's a great idea. I have tonnes of yarn from other projects and this would be a great way to use it up and give as gifts. I haven't seen one that incorporates a sachet, and I'd never have thought of it.

As a side note, I have a very strangely shaped bedroom and by the rules of feng shui, we REALLY should have something with mirrors on it hanging from the lowest part of the ceiling where energy stagnates. I bet I could incorporate little mirrors (or paint large, spherical beads with mirror-finish paint) and add them to the flowers to serve that purpose. It sounds like a great project for the winter! Thanks for posting!

ChrysN (author)  paleogirl4 months ago

Thanks, I would love to see how yours turns out!

sunshiine4 months ago

I love the idea of making this with yarn. The colors are so pretty and the lavender! Thanks for sharing and do have a fabulous weekend.


ChrysN (author)  sunshiine4 months ago

Thanks sunshiine!

shazni4 months ago

This is really really cute!

Absolutely gorgeous! I will try to make these in the future.
Thanks for sharing the pattern.
ChrysN (author)  DeandrasCrafts4 months ago


mind blown4 months ago
tofu9114 months ago
So pretty and a bonus for smelling nice.
Verticees4 months ago


lindarose924 months ago

This is so cute! Great job! :)