Step 8: Armor

I used some images I found on Google to determine what his armor looks like.  I cut out the pieces from black felt and painted them with silver metallic craft paint. For the abdominal armor I embroidered lines with black thread to imitate abdominal muscles.
I love Jean Luc and I love this
Thanks, he is my favorite Star Trek captain.
When I was pregnant I told people I was going to name the baby Jean Luc, boy or girl.
Hahaha... Did you do it? I keep telling people if I had kids, I would probably end up naming them Kirk, Picard, or Janeway. Maybe Archer if I had a lot of kids (forgot DS9 names... oh well). But so far, Picard is my favorite captain. I feel so weird liking a television series more than 10 years older than me... :)
<p>what about guinan?</p>
I know some people who named their daughter Dax and they had never seen DS9. And no, I didn't do it, if I had been prescient I would have named my son Q.
<p>the best part of that is that it works</p>
<p>I am Locutest, of Borg.</p><p>Seriously though, this is amazing. The electronic bits were a nice touch.</p>
Crochet Jean-Luc is pretty awesome. Nuff said.
Congrats, you just won instructables! Fantastic work.
How can something so adorable want to assimilate Earth? <br />I think this came out great, and I loved this episode of TNG. What an original idea!
Thanks! That is the problem with crochet, everything ends up looking cute.
I've got one word for this.. Epic!!!
Just saw this and loved it!!!

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