Crochet Marshmallow


Introduction: Crochet Marshmallow

Basic instructions on how to make a cute little crochet marshmallow.  This original pattern uses only two stitches so it's easy for a beginner!


Step 1: Instructions

I used worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook

SC = single crochet
Dec = single crochet 2 loops together

1. Chain 2
2. 6 SC in 2nd chain from hook (total of 6 stitches)
3. 2SC in each loop x 6 (total of 12 stitches)
4. 1SC, 2SC in each loop x 6 (total of 18 stitches)
5. SC in the back loop only x 18
6. SC around for 5 more rounds (or 6 rounds if you want it a little taller)
7. At this point, you may attach safety eyes and a sewn on mouth, or you can glue on eyes and a mouth later on. 
8. Stuff the marshmallow until almost full
9. 1SC in back loop, Dec in back loops x 6 (reduces stitched from 18 – 12)
10. Dec x 6 (reduces stitches from 12 – 6)
11. Stuff the marshmallow a little more
12. Finish off and you’re done! (when finishing off, you may wish you pull the end through the top of the marshmallow to help maintain the square-ish shape)
13. Stick a skewer into the bottom for a marshmallow on a stick

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Sweet! I should make this! :)

What size safety eyes did you use? 6mm or? Sorry I'm trying to get it done for Christmas

2 replies

I'm using 6mm here. Some larger eyes might be cute too!

AAAAAH!!!! Sooooo cute!!! I want to hug it and eat it at the same time!!!

Totally irresistible!!...<3

super cute and the outcome is so clear

Help please! I don't understand the abbreviations and your wording!

It's so... I don't know its just ADORABLE!

Where are your supposed to put them and what do you do with them

1 reply

hi, they are toys, so they're just decoration or you can pose them in fun places and take picture with them.

i think i am going to make one but i don't know how to crochet...


2 replies

Sorry for the late reply. Here are some good intro videos on Youtube:

Intro to amigurumi:
How to work in the round (start at 1:52):
How to increase and decrease stitches:

Good luck!!!

thanks for the vids might give it ago now