Crochet Marshmallow





Introduction: Crochet Marshmallow

Basic instructions on how to make a cute little crochet marshmallow.  This original pattern uses only two stitches so it's easy for a beginner!


Step 1: Instructions

I used worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook

SC = single crochet
Dec = single crochet 2 loops together

1. Chain 2
2. 6 SC in 2nd chain from hook (total of 6 stitches)
3. 2SC in each loop x 6 (total of 12 stitches)
4. 1SC, 2SC in each loop x 6 (total of 18 stitches)
5. SC in the back loop only x 18
6. SC around for 5 more rounds (or 6 rounds if you want it a little taller)
7. At this point, you may attach safety eyes and a sewn on mouth, or you can glue on eyes and a mouth later on. 
8. Stuff the marshmallow until almost full
9. 1SC in back loop, Dec in back loops x 6 (reduces stitched from 18 – 12)
10. Dec x 6 (reduces stitches from 12 – 6)
11. Stuff the marshmallow a little more
12. Finish off and you’re done! (when finishing off, you may wish you pull the end through the top of the marshmallow to help maintain the square-ish shape)
13. Stick a skewer into the bottom for a marshmallow on a stick

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Sweet! I should make this! :)

What size safety eyes did you use? 6mm or? Sorry I'm trying to get it done for Christmas

I'm using 6mm here. Some larger eyes might be cute too!

AAAAAH!!!! Sooooo cute!!! I want to hug it and eat it at the same time!!!

Totally irresistible!!...<3

super cute and the outcome is so clear