Rainbow scarfs yay!!!! Be creative and put anything at the end of you rainbow it could be a pot of gold or even nyan cat!! Anything goes

Step 1: Supplies

Scissors and a I/9-5.50mm crochet hook

Blue (light)
Blue (dark)

Step 2: Scarf

Row 1: Ch 160 (if you want it to be longer just chain more)
Row 2: dc 1 in each ch. When you reach the end cut off
Row 3: tie on you orange yarn and dc 1 in the back of your dc
Row 4-7: change you next colors to yellow, green, light blue, purple and dark blue (continue to dc in the back to make the ribbed affect)

Step 3: Crocheting the Cloud

Row 1: ch 6 sc 1 in each ch. In the 5th ch sc 4, sc 1 on the other side until you reach the end.
Row 2: ch 1 sc 2, sc 1 in the next 4 then sc 2 in the next 2 repeat
Row 3: ch 1 sc 2, sc 1 in then next 7 then sc 2 in the next 4 repeat
Row 4: ch 1 dc 2, tbc 2, dc 2, sc repeat

Step 4: Done!!

And that is it. Hope you liked this instruckable

This it Indywave signing out
Thanks! You can even just crochet the clouds and put magnets on them.
So cute! Love the clouds! Great great idea

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