This project is about how to make a crochet hat with scalloped edges. This is a perfect hat for the summer. The worlds of crochet is so vast. There are so many of ideas and techniques. Crochet work are so beautiful to see and it brings back those days when granny's did lots of crocheting.

I have created a crochet hat with scalloped edges for a doll. The same technique can be extended to a baby hat or even an adult Hat.

I have started from the basics so that it would be easy for the beginners to start crocheting right away.

Step 1: Materials

Anchor Mercer #40 cotton thread - White and Pink

(Each one is 20 gram)



Crochet Hook - 3.5-4.5 mm will be suitable

<p>Thanks! Think I can make now scalloped edges by myself.Great help!</p>
I am glad the tutorial was of help to you :)
<p>Great! Thanks!</p>
<p>Think I can make it by myself now. Big help. Thanks.</p>
<p>Thanks, think I can do it now by myself. Big help.</p>
<p>Thanks! Think I can make now scalloped edges by myself.Great help!</p>
<p>Pretty Hat.. Nice ible :)</p>
Thank you :)
really cute hat. :-) nice work
Thank you :)
<p>How cute! I've tried to learn to crochet so many times and failed but this is inspiring me to try again!</p>
Thank you :) I have tried to make the tutorial simple. Glad it has helped you.

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