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Introduction: Crochet Scrubby Sponge

Fact 1: Houses get messy

Fact 2: Kids make them 1000% messier

Fact 3: Paper towels are expensive and sponges get yucky

Which leads me to...

Fact 4: It makes WAY more sense to have something you can wash and reuse!

This crochet scrubby sponge is about as fast and easy as it gets. It is functional, durable and most importantly-washable! It is a perfect projects for everyone from beginners to experienced crocheters. Make a few for yourself, as part of a house warming gift, or to sell at your local craft fairs!

These work up in no time at all. Check it out and I will show you :)

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

Bernat Blanket Yarn- I used white but this yarn also comes in a lot of fun colors!

Red Heart Scrubby Yarn (optional)

9.0 mm crochet hook (I like Clover Amour *affiliate link*)


Yarn needle

Stitch abbreviations:

ch: chain

SC: single crochet

Step 2: Crochet Your Starting Chain

Tie a slip knot

Make a starting chain of 11 stitches. If you are working with both blanket and scrubby yarn, hold the two strands together and work with them as if they were a single strand of yarn.

Step 3: Crochet the Sponge

Row 1: SC in second ch from hook and SC across (10 stitches).

Row 2-7: Ch 1. SC across-if you are using the Scrubby yarn, stop using this strand here.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Continuing on from your 7th row, ch 1

SC around the outside of the sponge, working 7 stitches into the "raw" edges and 10 stitches along the top and bottom.

After crocheting around, attach the last stitch to the first stitch of the edging with a slip stitch (insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through all loops on the hook and pull tight)

Tie off yarn by inserting the tail of the yarn through your last loop and pulling tight.

Use a yarn needle to weave (hide) in the ends. Cut away excess yarn and you are done!

Step 5: Clean Up!

Now you have an eco-friendly, budget friendly, sanitary reusable sponge! If you enjoyed this project I would really appreciate a vote by clicking the button above :)

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Very cool!!! I never thought of using that kind of yarn. I usually use the scrubby yarn.

Thanks! I like this yarn for the "sponge" effect. It's very absorbent.

Thank You!! This is the perfect Christmas Gift for neighbors or friends, works up quick and I happen to have both yarns in my stash. Never thought to crochet the scrubby yarn with another yarn. I have made a few scrubbys using two strands but I seem to 'loose' my place easy and then it just looks like a mess!

This is todays project.

So glad you like them! These are seriously my most used crochet project around my house :)

Sorry, I meant no offense! I have a two year old so that was the perspective I am writing from :)

Great idea! Reminder to readers: toss any sponge or scrubby into your dishwasher to thoroughly clean! Easy!