This shoulder bag is easy to make and very useful. I developed this pattern myself.  Depending on the type of thread or yarn you use, it can look very different even though you've followed the same pattern. So, have fun experimenting with different types of thread/yarn. It is a bag that lets YOU be creative!

This instructable focuses on the brown bag, but I have also included a picture here of a blue-grey bag that I made using this same pattern; however, it was made from a strong and coarse cotton yarn (it was actually recycled netting fibre) to show you how different the bag can look depending on what fibre/yarn you decided to use.

To all you lefties out there I am left handed and crocheted this bag left-handed. It can, however, just as easily be crocheted right-handed.  The pattern works for both.

Step 1: Supplies & Stitches

For this bag I used chocolate brown chenille yarn along with a  lighter shade for the accent rows , trim and buttons. As I already mentioned, feel free to experiment with different fibers!

Dark Chocolate Brown: 8– 50 gram balls – 65 meters per ball
Lighter shade Brown:  2 – 50 gram balls
36 inches of cording for bag strap (optional)
Crochet hook Size G
Measuring Tape/Ruler
Darning needle
Remnant for lining, needle and thread
Sewing machine and or serger – not essential, but if making lining for bag makes it quick and easy!

Stitches used and abbreviations:
Single crochet: sc
Double crochet: dc
Double crochet two together:  dc 2 tog
Triple crochet - tr
Shell edging:  dc 7 times into stitch
Slip stitch: sl st
What a great idea! You are very talented to design and crochet this bag yourself :)
Thank you. I am glad you like the bag!

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