Introduction: Crochet Spring Flower Earring

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This is a quick and easy project with an adorable outcome. The accessory blends nice with knitted clothes. I have used a contrast colored button which gives a highlight.

I hope you love this cute piece of jewelry. What could be better than a pair of bright-looking spring earrings to go with that new spring dress of yours?

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Crochet Needle


Crochet Hook


Ear Wire

Jump Ring

Step 2:

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Sl St.

The main part of the earring is to crochet with the button. Make a loop with your yarn and insert it from back to front through the hole of the button.

This is in case you cant insert the crochet hook through the button. Now do an Sc.

Step 3: Round 1

Picture of Round 1

*Ch 2 and Sc through the button*. Repeat * to * 3 times.

Step 4: 1st Petal

Picture of 1st Petal

Ch1, *1Hdc, 2 Dc, 1 Hdc* in the loop, Sl St in the next stitch*

Step 5: 1st Row of Petals

Picture of 1st Row of Petals

Repeat * to * of the previous step for 3 times.

Thus you will get the first layer of petals.

Step 6: Chains Behind (1)

Picture of Chains Behind (1)

* Now insert the hook from behind in the first stitch of the first petal. Do Sl St from behind. Ch 3. Sl St from behid in the last stitch of the same petal. Ch 2 *

Step 7: Chains Behind (2)

Picture of Chains Behind (2)

Repeat * to * from the previous step for 3 times.

Thus you will get chain loops to do the second row of petals.

Step 8: Second Row Petals

Picture of Second Row Petals

*2 Sc in the bigger loop behind. 1 Hdc, 2 Dc, 1 Hdc in the smaller loop. Sl st to the next bigger loop.*

Repeat * to * from the previous step for 3 times.

Step 9: Earring Hook

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Open up the jump ring and insert the earring hook..

inset the jump ring into one of the petal. Close the open end of the jump ring.

Step 10:

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Make another earring in the similar way.


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