Introduction: Crochet Star Trek Enterprise Amigurumi Cast (T'Pol)

Here the step-by-step 'ible to crochet T'Pol from the Enterprise. With few changes, you can crochet every character you want. Please, vote for this 'ible in the contests!

Step 1: Materials

You need:

  • Yarn in various colors
  • CrochetScissors
  • Stuffing
  • Yarn needle


  • sc = single crochet;
  • inc = increasing single crochet;
  • dec = decreasing single crochet.

Step 2: Feet 1

Lets make "those pretty feet of yours". With black in a magic ring: 5 sc (5); 5 inc (10); *1 inc 4 sc** 2 time (12); 12 sc (12) for 4 rounds; *1dec 4 sc** 5 times (10); stuff the foot; 5 dec (5);

Step 3: Feet 2

Fasten off and sew the hole.

Step 4: Feet 3

Make 2 feet.

Step 5: Legs 1

With the color of the uniform make 2 legs: 10 ch and join with a slip stitch; 10 sc for 8 rounds.

Step 6: Legs 2

Fasten off the yarn of the first leg, but not the second.

Step 7: Legs 3

Keeping the legs close, crochet all around the sc of the last round of the legs. You have to change leg and continue to crochet on the other one.

Step 8: Legs 4

The inc are done on the belly and over the bum to give them a fluffy look, but you can change that, of course.

Step 9: Body 1

For the body: 18 sc (18) for 2 rounds; *8 sc 1 inc** 2 times (20); 20
sc; *9 sc 1 inc** 2 times (22); 22 sc for 5 rounds; *9 sc 1 dec** 2 times (20); *3 sc 1 dec** 4 times (16).

Step 10: Body 2

If you want, you can change the color to adds particulars to the amigurumi, In this case I've put a lighter blue waist band.

Step 11: Feet to Legs

Sew feet to the legs with hidden points.

Step 12: Stuff

Stuff legs (you can help the lining go in to the legs with a pen o pencil) and body.

Step 13: Neck

*2 sc 1 dec** 4 times (12); with pink *2 sc 1 dec** 3 times (9); 2 sc 1 dec 3 sc 1 dec (7); fasten off. The last rounds in pick are done so that it will be simpler to sew the body to the head.

Step 14: Arms 1

Arms (make 2): with pink make 6 sc in a magic ring.

Step 15: Arms 2

*2 sc 1 inc** 3 times (9); 9 sc (9); Change color in light blue.

Step 16: Arms 3

With blue 9 sc (9) for 9 rounds; Now work in rows (not in rounds): 6 sc; turn; 1 dec 2 sc 1 dec; fasten off. You can do this last part with lighter blue for T'Pol's uniform shoulder caps. Stuff.

Step 17: Arms & Body

Sew the arms to the body with hidden stitches.

Step 18: Head 1

Head: to make it easier to embroider the hair, I generally crochet a part of the head with the same color as the hair. For very short hair, it's generally enough the crochet part. In a magic ring: 6 sc (6)

Step 19: Head 2

Head: to make it easier to embroider the hair, I generally crochet a part of the head with the same color as the hair. For very short hair, it's generally enough the crochet part. In a magic ring: 6 sc (6); 6 inc (12); *1 inc 1 sc** for 6 times (18); *1 inc 2 sc** for 6 times (24); *1 inc 3 sc** for 6 times (30); *1 inc 4 sc** for 6 times (36); *1 inc 5 sc** for 6 times (42);

Step 20: Head 3

Now change color in pink, make 11 sc and change back in brown (42 sc total). Note that from this round you'll have to put one more pink crochet on each side. Go crocheting: 42 sc for 2 rounds.

Step 21: Head 4

*1 dec 5 sc** for 6 times (36); *1 dec 4 sc** for 6 times (30); *1 dec 3 sc** for 6 times (24); Stuff; *1 dec 2 sc** for 6 times (18); *1 dec 1 sc** for 6 times (12); 6 dec (6)

Step 22: Head 5

Leave a long tail to sew the hole and, later, to sew head to the body.

Step 23: Pointy Ears

Pointy ears (make 2): 5 ch; 1 double crochet in the second chain from the hook; 1 half double crochet in the next chain; 1 slip stitch in the next chain. Fasten off and leave a tail to sew the ears to head.

Step 24: Hair 1

With brown thread, embroider the hair: starting from the top of the head, make some long stitches to the hem of the brown sc.

Step 25: Hair 2

Brown single crochets will help you a lot, follow them when embroidered.

Step 26: Hair 3

Embroider all the hair.

Step 27: Face

Embroider eyes and mouth.

Step 28: Ears & Head

Sew ears to the head.

Step 29: Head & Body

Sew head to the body.

Step 30: T'Pols

And here is your T'Pol! Two different uniforms. You can do all the characters you want (not only from Enterprise of course!). The basic shape is the same, you only have to add and change particulars. In the first step you have seen T'Pol and Trip Tucker.

Step 31: Hoshi & Phlox

Hoshi Sato and Phlox: long hair for Hoshi, curly hair and facial crests for Phlox, with his medical apron.

Step 32: Reed, Archer, Mayweather

Malcolm Reed, Jonathan Archer and Travis Mayweather.

Step 33: Janeway

Kathryn Janeway (Voyager)

Step 34: T'Mir, T'Pol, Spock

T'Mir (from a fanfiction I've written some years ago), T'Pol and Spock.

Step 35: Another Spock

Another Spock

Step 36: Hoshi & Spot

Hoshi with Spot (Data's Cat from he Next Generation).

Step 37: Trip Tucker & the Enterprise NX-01

Trip Tucker & The Enterprise NX-01


ChrysN made it!(author)2015-07-20

They are all so cute, I particularly like Captain Janeway.

MicioGatta made it!(author)2015-07-20

Thanks! I've done her for a friend of mine, Filippo, who loves Janeway :)

Chanio made it!(author)2015-07-19

You are a master Jedi with the Crochet Needles!

(gossip: I've heard that Tuvoc is a little jealous... )

MicioGatta made it!(author)2015-07-20

Thank you! :D Sorry for Tuvok, but my favourite series is Enterprise. Captain Archer is my captain and Commander Tucker is the Commander of My Heart.

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