Step 3: 3 Color Sushi Pattern

Picture of 3 Color Sushi Pattern
3 Color Sushi Pattern (green, orange, yellow, red, white and black yarn):
With green
R1: 6 SC into ring (6 SC)
R2: Join yellow 2-SC INC in next 2 SC, Join Orange 2-SC INC in next 2 SC, Join Red 2-SC INC in next 2 SC. (12 SC)
Join White
R3: *SC 1, 2-SC INC into next SC * around. (18 SC)
Join black
R4-8: 1 SC in each SC around. (18 SC)
Fasten off. Stuff with polyester filling. Set aside. Repeat steps from R1 to R3. Fasten off. Leave a long tail for attaching. Sew the 2 pieces together while adding stuffing. Fasten off. Set aside.