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Introduction: Crochet Tawashi

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So what is a tawashi? Tawashis (also known as a spiral scrubbies) are a popular crocheted item in Japan. You can use them for cleaning dishes or the kitchen counter and you can even use them for your face!! This is and easy beginner project and takes around 25-30 minutes to make.


Sc~Single Crochet
Sl~Slip Stitch
Scdc~Single Crochet Decrease

Step 1: Supplies

~ Cotton yarn (I used sugar and cream)
~ Yarn needle
~ H 5.0mm crochet hook
~ Scissors

Step 2: Row 1

Row 1: ch 14, sc 1 until the end

Step 3: Row 2

Row 2: ch 1, sc 2 in the same sc, sc 1 until the last 2 sc, scdc

Step 4: Rows 3-22

Rows 3-22: ch 1, sc 2 in the same sc, sc 1 until the last 2 sc, scdc 1

Step 5: Sewing

Sc the sides together then finish off with a long tail. Using the yarn needle sew the ends and pull to form a circle. Do that to both sides and then it should collapse

Step 6: Done!!!

I hope you've enjoyed this instructable and Leave a comment about what your going to use your tawashi for.

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    11 Discussions

    My first task of crocheting,love these scrubbys and my sisters to.

    Huh. I like to knit my dishrags personally, but I love the idea of using these for face scrubbies. I'm thinking this'll take up less room, too.

    These are so cute. I love the idea of using them as little face scrubbies.

    Love it! Though I do not get how you make it into the spiral shape:)

    That would be a great Idea!!! Maybe peppermint ones for christmas time!!

    These would make the cutest earmuffs!

    The netting would be great for dishes!!!

    Too pretty to clean dishes with! Some people knit strips of nylon netting into dish scrubbers, but I'd think that would be really hard on the hands.

    My mom also loves crochet thanks for sharing. Apart from these, there are many patterns which you can discover on this site. Have a look all crochet lovers

    Thank you!!!

    these look amazing!