Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens




Introduction: Crochet Thumbless Baby Mittens

Keep those tiny fingers warm and cozy in these cute pair of Baby Mittens.

Materials Used:-

  • 4 ply Acrylic Yarn
  • 3mm Crochet Hook
  • Satin Ribbon
  • Yarn Needle


Step 1:

Start with a Magic Circle.

Work 14 Double Crochet in the magic circle.

Slip stitch to the first chain and pull the loose end to close the hole tight.

Step 2:

Start the next round with chain 3.

1 Double crochet(DC) in the same,2 double crochet(DC) in the next stitch.Cast 2 DC in each stitch around.At the end of this round you should have 28 stitches.

Step 3:

Start with chain 3.

2 Double Crochet(DC) in the next stitch.1 Double crochet(DC) in the next.Repeat 2DC,1DC all around.

Step 4:

Next round, start with chain 3.1 Double Crochet (DC) in each stitch around.

Start each round with chain 3 and work 1 Double crochet in each stitch around.Repeat until you reach the length required.I made 7 rounds.

Step 5:

Your 2nd last round will be a decrease round.

Step 6:

You can just add the satin ribbon and finish off or you can add a round of border here.I've made a shell stitch border.



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